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Barb - October 15's getting long on the other thread and things are moving along for everyone...YEA!! So it was time to start a new one =) The excitement is killing me! love you


JB - October 15

Well, it looks like I get to be the first to post again!! hehe. I just got back from eating some Mexican food. Hopefully that will help a bit. I've heard about drinking the cinnamon tea, but I never heard of the warm milk in it instead of water. Who knows.... I might try that next. I feel like the human guinea pig, but if I find something that definitely works, I'll be more than happy to share it with you ladies. I'm hoping the full moon works on Monday. I'm running out of ideas, and I get so irritated with some of the women on the forum that keep saying "wait for nature to take it's course". I understand where they are coming from; however, I don't share the same philosophy. I guess everyone is ent_tled to their opinions.... right??? I wanted to tell Tonia, that the RRLT hasn't helped start labor for me yet, but from everything that I read, it just works like a "toner" not an inducer. So Barb, how's your little one doing? I'll admit, I'm a little jealous!! =)


Valerie - October 15

It's about time for a new thread!!! Of course this one will be full in a few days I am sure!!! I am having a few more pelvic pains and Mason still is not moving as much as usual but I guess it is because he has less room to move. 13 more days and counting. Maybe the full moom will help me as well. Wouldn't it be funny if there were several of us that had our little ones together!!! But I don't have the best of luck so I will probably be the last to give birth here!!!


michelle - October 15

valerie... i am due in 13 days too. i am going to be induced. what about you?


JB - October 15

Hey Valerie & Michelle, I'm due Oct 28th, and if he doesn't come by the 24th, my doc said she'd induce me. What about ya'll? What's your stats on effacement & dilation?


Tonia - October 15

Hey everybody. I just got back from walking and I've been having minor contractions. I hope this will start something since my dd is tomorrow. I went walking thursday night and I was 2cm earlier when I went to my OB appt. and I went to L/D thursday night and dilated to 3cm. So I hope something start tonight. If anyone see My posting Pray that I go tonight. I think that this is the only time we all are praying to feel some pain ha,ha,ha. Well I'll catch you guys on the rebound and if things start to progress I'll let you guys know if I can bare it.Good luck to all that are in the waiting game.


JB - October 15

Hey Tonia, I'll be saying a prayer for ya. I'm going to do some walking tonight and hopefully that'll help too!! Keep us updated.


Shannon - October 15

good luck tonia! i'm exhausted. tomorrow is my last day i work, then i'm finally on maternity leave. tomorrow i'll also be officially 39 weeks! 7 days til my dd!! :-) i have an appt on monday, and i think i'm gonna ask about induction. i don't mind waiting til my dd, but no way do i want to go past it.


Shannon - October 15

oh, am i like the only one who doesn't feel like the baby's movements have decreased much at all? in fact, i feel like i can feel every little shift, every little hand tickling my hips. maybe i just couldn't feel them all when the baby was smaller and that's why i feel like he/she hasn't slowed down much, i don't know


ivy - October 15

i'm due on the 31st but cant wait till the baby c_m along... so i went shoppin 2day and walked for 5 god dam hours!!! all that happens is that i have a swollen ******.!!! and no baby!! and every1 is tellin me 2 walk ......... :-(


Valerie - October 16

Michele - Hey doc wont schedule a date to be induced until after my due date:( JB - As of this past Tues I was 1cm dial and 50% effaced. I go back to the doc this Thurs. THis is my last full week of work. Next week I only work Mon and Tues then off on Maternity leave. So that is something I have to look forward to. Shannon I wish I was still feeling every movement of the baby. He doesnt move very much or as hard so it is very scary to me. My husband tells me I am overreacting and that he is fine but I still worry and I will keep worring till he is born!!!


lisa - October 16



Lisa - October 16

thank the lord, for the past 4 days i havent been able to reply, the website just says page unavailable or something and its been driving me nuts. I know its pretty sad but this is my sanity lifeline, all you guys, im due saturday only 6 days left to go, although after reading nearly every pregnancy journal of the web Im not too optomistic that i wont go way overdue! I cant get confy sitting/lying/on my ball/walking its horrid. Ive tried everything anyones suggested to bring it on, exept s_x (cant face it) even 2 table spoons of caster oil yesterday did nothing, not even a loose stool!!! I feel like im going mad and ill never meet this baby, im worried as it hasnt dropped yet, although both midwives i saw says they think it will drop during labour as theres pleanty of room in the pelvis and its a small bubba, but now i worry about cord prolapse. Im a mess realy, sooooooo impatient. I really wanted to say congrats to barb for ages but the website wouldnt let me, so i hope you and trinity are well, you were due the day before me i think???


michelle - October 16

jb. i dont' know all that my doctor really hasn't checked me yet.i know i am 1 cm. i go on tuesday for my ultrasound to see if baby is still breech and he will check me then. but scheduled the 28th to be induced. i am so excited!!!!!!!! but if i am still breech i will have a c-sectin that kinda scares me a little bit but i know i am in good hands with my doctor. i went to out state fair yesterday with my 3 year old and as much walking as i did i just knew something was going to happen. but noooo i am sitting here to day just like anyother day MISERABLE. good luck everyone


Barb - October 16

hello ladies :) we're doing well..Trinity is eating CONSTANTLY so I'm really tired (up all night) but physically I'm recovering great. st_tches makes a HUGE difference :) As for everyone being dialated...there IS hope! Remember...I was only 1cm and 50% effaced when my water broke on contractions weren't regular...and I never had my water to break just NEVER know!! it will happen...soon...I promise :) and for me , we had s_x the night before which could have moved things along...I know most of you don't want to bother (who does at this point...haha) but I'm just saying, it just might have been what pushed me over the edge :) Dawn should have had her baby by now...hope everything went well. I'm looking forward to her story :) and Lisa... Yes, you are due just one day after I you never just might be the day!! I've got to go feed Trinity again...(poor b___bies..LOL) I'll catch you all :)


Tonia - October 16

Okay today is my dd and I have'nt been feeling anything yet. I went walking twice yesterday. I walked a trail at the park that took about an hr and 45 min to walk and then later on that night I walked 30 lapse around this big circled parking lot I had minor contractions while walking and after I finished each walk I've been still losing my mucus plug. Geeesh! how much of that stuff needs to come out. My legs feel like they weigh a ton each. Maybe I over did it not to mention I walked the mall yesterday to. And I am about to give up on trying and just sit back and let nature take it's course. B/c I will literally hurt myself with this walking. I wish that I could be s_xually active with the father of my baby but we are no longer together and I don't trust him after finding out what he has done. I know for sure if I have s_x that it will work. But I'd rather sit it out just to be on the safe side. Well I guess I'll clean or something I'll talk to you guys later. Hope to hear some good news from Dawn. GOOD LUCK DAWN.


Ranya - October 16

Hi girls, just came back from this week's doc's appointment, as usual there's nothing to add except she's dropped a little, went from 4/5 to 3/5, otherwise urine, blood pressure, fetal heartbeat all normal...I'm very hormonal today, could be because I ventured out into crazy city traffic (probably comparable to New York) which really made me irritable. I have no patience or energy and I'm really teary-eyed today, don't know what's going on :'( JB, the milk is just for the taste, I don't think it does anything otherwise. If anyone dares to tell me to be patient and let nature takes its course I'll backhand them so fast they won't know what hit them!!!



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