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Ranya - October 16

Hi girls, just came back from this week's doc's appointment, as usual there's nothing to add except she's dropped a little, went from 4/5 to 3/5, otherwise urine, blood pressure, fetal heartbeat all normal...I'm very hormonal today, could be because I ventured out into crazy city traffic (probably comparable to New York) which really made me irritable. I have no patience or energy and I'm really teary-eyed today, don't know what's going on :'( JB, the milk is just for the taste, I don't think it does anything otherwise. If anyone dares to tell me to be patient and let nature takes its course I'll backhand them so fast they won't know what hit them!!!


JB - October 16

I'm like the rest of ya'll, sick and tired of waiting. My husband had the audacity to tell me I was being impatient..... he won't make that mistake again. haha. I'll agree with everyone, I'm miserable. I've walked so much my feet hurt, and I have a page and a half list of ways to induce labor and ripen cervixs..... I'm beginning to feel they all are a bunch of BS. Sorry everyone.... I'm moody, but like the rest of ya'll, I believe I am ent_tled to be. I'm going to take ANOTHER walk tonight to see if that helps. I dread going to see that devil woman again on Tuesday, but I guess I don't really have a choice since he won't make his grand entrance into the world. The weather is even irritating, it's mid-October and the temps here are still in the upper 80's/lower 90's, and I can't believe theres another tropical depression in the Gulf. I'm sorry ladies, just a rant. Last time I went to see the devil woman, I was 3 cm, 50% effaced, soft, anterior, and between -2 and -1 station. Hopefully I'll get even more of a change by Tuesday. Don't forget tomorrow is a full moon, so maybe if I howl enough, he'll get tired of my banshee screaming and come on out. Good luck to everyone!!! Time for another walk!! haha!


JB to Ranya - October 16

After you smack those people, let me know cause I want a turn. LOL


Tonia - October 16

Okay I've been having minor contractions all day if only they could come stonger and faster. I'm so tired of looking at mucus I just wish it could all just come out at once now. Like when do this stuff stop coming. I thought that when I saw it with the brownish and blood streaks in it was all of it. I did all the walking I could do. I hope I'm this motivated to walk after having my baby. This is so fustrating. I have another appt. on the 18th and I hope I've at least dilated to 4cm. That's the only way L/D will keep me. I see that myself, JB, Valerie and Shannon is still hanging in there. I wonder who is next to go. I'm praying that it's me. Maybe 2 of us will go at a time or something. My fingers are crossed.


Shannon - October 16

wow, tonia, i'm so surprised you haven't had your baby yet, esp since you've been losing the plug!! i'll be crossing my fingers for you too, and all the Oct moms still hanging in there! ...ok, so now i'm officially 39 weeks. i like to say 7 days to go rather than 1 week, because it sounds shorter to me lol. i had some sharp pain in my lower belly, going along my sides and even some mild aching in my back within a 5 minute period, increasing and decreasing in intensity. i'm hoping they were some practice contractions. my husband got excited, which was so cute. my mom and grandma both called me asking about how i feel and were excited about my pain too (that sounds more terrible than it really is haha). i got some of that raspberry leaf tea today and drank 2 cups tonight. i'm not expecting to go into labor, but you never know i guess. good thing i like tea anyway. no pain today yet. it's so wierd hoping for pain.


Jl - October 17

Hi girls...still here. I thought that maybe if I stayed off this forum for one day, the baby would decide to come. Wrong again. 3 days to go. I have an appt on Wed. and I hope I've dilated more - I was 1 cm 2 weeks ago and they didn't even check me last week. Bring on the pitocin, I'm ready!


Valerie - October 17

Hi all - I'm still here as well. Had some more contractions yesterday but nothing regular. It is starting to make me mad all this practice. 3 more days till my next doc visit. It hurts so bad to walk and drive now it is almost unbearable. 6 more days left of work!!!! Hopefully I wont make it that long. Drank some RLT last night didn't seem to do much. We all have to be so close to delivering it is not funny. Happy Monday to everyone! :)


Tigerphoenix - October 17

Hey all. I see the majority of us are still here. JB where are you (location wise) Im in florida so I know how it is with the anxiety of watching these d__n storms that keep popping up. After last year I've gotten really nervous about it, especialy with my due date being next week (26th). I'm going in for my u/s today at 4. Hopefully nothing is wrong. Her heart beat and movement are good but I think they are doing it because of my lack of progress and because she measured small. I'll let you guys know if they tell me anything.


JB - October 17

Unfortunately.... I'm still here. I was awoken this morning at 4 with strong contractions 5 minutes apart, but I know I can't call the doc until they last for a hour, so I chilled out on the couch with my watch and they continued for 2 hours and started to dwindle, now they are coming again. This c___p is driving me nuts. By this time, I already had both of my girls and was at home, and this little boy is just stubborn. Tigerphoenix, I'm in located in the Houston area, close to the coast so I'm sure how you know how it goes when it comes to watching those darn hurricanes, but "supposedly" it won't make it to Texas. I don't trust the weathermen anymore. Tonia, I feel for you girl. I do have to say though, keeping in touch with you all and seeing that other people are going thru the same c___p I am is comforting in a way. I really appreciate hearing from ya'll and I can't wait til we all can say we had our babies!!!


Tigerphoenix - October 17

The weathermen for some reason this year have all been absolute idiots. Forgive the expression but they can't tell their a__ses from a hole in the ground. I swear if any of their predictions accualy are right hell will freeze over and I will finally get to see a pig fly! hahaha


Tonia - October 17

JB you said you've been having strong contractions I think that is a good thing too bad I can't say the same. I've been having minor contractions they are only in the front of my stomach, which I know that it ain't nothing but those d__n braxton hicks. Well I go to my OB appt. tomorrow and I hope the DR. tell me that I've dilated to 4cm. I was up last night walking the stairs until my legs felt like they wanted to give out. JB maybe you're the next to go. My DR. said if nothing happens this week thrn she'll induce me on the 25th. And with my luck I feel like I'll be induced next week. This waiting game sucks. I' never had to go over my dd. My dd has came and gone and I'm stuck here feeling all these annoying braxton hicks contractions. How much longer do I have to go through this stuff. I feel like I'm being tortured or something. I'm ready to meet my little one. Everyone is just as excited as I am. But they don't make it no better. Thursday I went to L/D and the Dr. said that my water bag is buldging out ready to burst. I'm like if it's ready then it need to go ahead and burst. Well good luck JB I hope something happen for you.


<Amy> (UK) - October 17

Hi girls I'm still here, i also thought if i stayed off for a day it might start something but no luck. Hav had a lot of pelvic pressure, BH's and period cramping. Taking it as a good sign. Doesn't look like the full moon is helping though, infact it's cloudy and I can't even see it! lol (it's 7 in the evening here). Not sure when my appt this week is, no midwives appt so have to phone doc tomorrow. My winnie the pooh cotbed arrived today i love it! Just wish i had the baby to go in there hehe.


Mary - 12 days to go! - October 17

I had my prenatal this morning - I am now effaced about 65%, not quite 75%, dialated 1 cm, no change for 2 weeks now. The doctor told me I am doing great! Yeah, right, he says that because he is not in my shoes! I cannot walk, period. The pain has been horrible this morning. I am having strong cramps and irregular contractions. I am now going to throw myself on my bed and ball my eyes out for a little while. I am in pain!


Valerie - October 17

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to sleep through everything until it was time!!! Or even sleep at all!!! Anyways I am just sitting here at home with cramps and contractions and really don't have anyone to talk to so it gets really boring! I have already cleaned everything from top to bottom and baby's room is complete. What now??? I am probably the most impatient person ever!!! And this is just killing me. I can't wait till thursday to go to the doc. We still have the full moon to pray to tonight! So lets all pray real hard!!!


JB - October 17

Sorry Mary. I know how it is dealing with an idiot doc, I think I have the poster child for idiot docs. I spent most the day walking and came home briefly to check on all of ya'll. I'm so sorry Tonia. I know that psycho said I could be induced in a week; however, in the same breath I was also told that none of the inductions scheduled would make it to their date. The frustration sets in even more. As I've said, I've tried all of the "natural" methods for induction, now I say bring on the pitocin. The full moon didn't work for me.... obviously... it was a clear night out here. A lot of people claim that castor oil is the way to go.... for me... it's not. I didn't even get diarrhea, which could've helped out, nor cramps. So I don't know. If anyone wants any ideas, I have a plethora of them, but sad to say, none have worked for me so far. Take care everyone, I'll try to holler more later.


Valerie - October 18

Hey woke up this morning with really bad contractions. Going to wait and see if they get worse or tapper off. They started as soon as I got out of bed to get ready for work. We will see what happens. Morning to all.



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