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Kim(UK) - October 18

Hey Barb, and others. Just thought i would let you know that i had my baby on Thursday 13th at 12:06pm by emergency C Section! I got to 9&1/2 cm when they got concerned about baby so had to rush me to theatre. I now have a beautiful son called Oliver who weighed in at 7lb 10 and is doing great. One word of advice to all you on the final countdown, and that's to get as much rest as possible, because believe me if you have a baby like mine who feeds every 2 hours overnight you will be thankfull for any rest you can get!! Good luck to you all, it was great to have you to talk to during the countdown. (PS: it was nipple stimulation that worked to get my labour progressing, as Oliver was 8days overdue!) Lots of love xx


Shannon - October 18

congrats Kim!!


Tonia - October 18

Okay I hope that your guess is right me and my mom was just sitting here laughing at the bet. Tonight at around 8:00 I will go to my favorite spot and walk that circle for as long as I can. This baby has got to come this week. I'm 2 days overdue and I can't take it to know that I could go longer. My feelings was hurt today at my OB appt. when I found out that since thursday I have'nt made a change. All the walking is helping though b/c it is bringing on the contractions. So I'd advise anyone to walk, walk, walk. You may be sor afterwards but it has been working for me. Well atleast I know that if I wont go this week then next week I have no choice b/c I'll be induced on the 25th. My goal is to be in that L/D room tonight. I'll keep you guys posted. Thank you guys for being good chat buddies I can't get enough of this thread. Everyday I get up I have to get on just to see what's going on and hope to hear good news from somebody. Well good luck to all.


Tigerphoenix - October 18

Kim...Congratz! I was wondering where you went to. I bet your son is beautiful. Tonia... You poor thing! You must be going out of your mind by now. My vote is on you going next so maybe all these votes will send a little luck your way =) Shannon I feel you on the bored thing. Even though I'm still working my hubby (who works at the same place I do) and the other guys wont let me do to much. I just want to kick them! hehe Val...Hope not to hear back from ya for a few days (only because that means you had your little one hehe) Andrea... you have your hands full don't you! I don't envy you there. I hope someone will be able to take over if you start! Ok who have I missed Oh! Mary... Im due on the 26th.


Shannon - October 18

i'm due the 23rd (5 days from today). i'm feeling a lot of pelvic pressure and bh right now and everytime i sit down at my computer i leak a little something. i bet it's just urine though (yuck). i vacuumed and mopped my entire apartment today out of boredom so at least i did something today. as much as i complain i don't envy you, Andrea, for still working. i'd want to get induced if i were you, even though i've heard it's more painful too.


Barb - October 18

Hello! CONGRATS KIM!! one more baby...YEA!! =) I had a feeling....boy last week was busy! I keep checking in, but Trinity is NOT letting me sleep much...she feeds every hour and half or so and lately seems to be using me as a "pacifier" I"m always tied down these days...but in a good way :) I am TOTALLY sending labor magic dust your way everyone!! I can't imagine still waiting....aggghhh.....someone HAS to go soon around here! SHANNON..I wouldn't disreguard your "leaking" if it's alot. That's what happened to me...I leaked through my panty liner...through to my pants...and it ended up being my water breaking, so keep an eye on how much your leaking and let the doc. know...k? poor thing...keep walking!! ;) I just want everyone to know that I'm thinking of you ALL...Valerie...hang in there :) I still have my calendar here with everyone's dd on it..making notes and keeping track :) One piece of advice ....REST,REST,REST...bc either way all your babies are coming ANYTIME now and once they arrive...that's it...LOL...I'll check back later ...xxxooo....I'm exhausted.


Tigerphoenix - October 18

Well I went to my Dr appt today. I finally had some progress. 1cm and 50%. They weren't overly worried she measured small but were a bit concerned that I lost 3 lb in the last week and a half (why i lost weight I dont know). The Dr seems to think Im gonna go anyday. Who knows. Im a little worried about the hurricane in the carribian. The last thing I want to do is have my little girl with the wind and rain howling outside. =S


Valerie - October 18

Still having contractions every 8-10 minutes they seem to be a little worse now. Back pain has increased a lot so I am going to give it another 30 - 45 minutes and if I can't get it to go away I am going to call the doc. No position I sit in or lay in helps at at all so keeps your fingers crossed for me.


JB - October 18

Hey Everyone... still here. Well, I went today, I'm a little over 3cm and 75% effaced. I convinced the doc to strip my membranes today, so hopefully I won't have to wait until the 24th to be induced. My DD is 10/28. Tonia, I'm with you on the walking. I put in another 2 miles tonight. It hurt like hell becaues the more that I walked the more the BH came, but I'm determined. Tomorrow night, I'm going to try the castor oil one more time. I figure since my membranes were stripped, it might actually work. I'd try it tonight, but I'm exhausted right now, I'm sure that you all can understand it. I think it would kind of be interesting to go into labor on my own, but my type A personality wants everything to be planned. So... who knows? I was laughing hard that everyone else has the "have-you-had-the-baby-yet" calls from their families too. I'm hoping the oil works tomorrow, if not I think I'll just wait for Monday, since they already have my room booked at the hospital. Kim- congrats!! It must be a great feeling. Barb - I'll take that labor dust to go!!! I'll still be checking up on everyone!!!


Tonia - October 18

Valerie sounds like you're in labor they say if you're having contractions and they don't get better after lying down or walking then that's true labor. Kim congratulations on your baby I'm happy to hear that it's over for you. I see that it's another full moon while I was walking I just looked at it and I'm like what's up with what they say about you if it's true then pls work a miracle for me. Barb it's nice to hear from you and to know that you and Trinity are doing good. Well I guess that I'll lay off the walking for a day cause my feet are killing me. Feel like they want to burst. I'm going to go run me a hot tub of water and relax. Talk to you guys tomorrow.


michelle - October 18

i went to the doctor today and they said i am not dialated effaced or haven't even lost my mucus plug. but i did have a ultrasound and the baby is 7lbs 3 ozs and not breech so i get to be induced on the 28. i am so exctied only 10 more days to go and little one is out. i dont even have to go back to the doctor. the only bad news is that i have a upper respitory infection and i have been using nasal spray and that is a no no. he said it could last like a month. i can not breath it sucks. well good luck ladies.


<Amy> (UK) - October 19

Had BH's all night, couldn't sleep! all low and in he front, and a couple of back ones. Boy I feel sorry for people who have back labour! There were no doc or midwife appts this week, i'm due nx tues (25th) but won't be seen until the day before! I thought I would go early but looks like i'll have to be induced. Over here you have to be at least 10 days overdue! argh can't wait that long! Have you noticed you'll get a have-you-had-the-baby-yet call then the same person will call a few hours later and you're like I just picked up what do you think!! lol and they say "i really want him to come" or "i really want to see him" and you're thinking how do you think i feel! Oh the worst you're walking down the street and you see someone you know and they go "haven't you dropped yet", you feel like punching them! It's like well does it look like it?


lisa - October 19

Im going to try again after not being able to reply for days. Missed chatting to you all, but always read this thread to see how you all are. Im ok due saturday, just watched city hospital which had several babies on it which got me really brudy and impatient to meet mine...aghhh, just to let you know after sunday night me having contractions so strong i could hardly walk every 2 mins for 3 hours, went to hospital as they were so close together thought we were going to have the baby but they said i was only 1cm and to go home and wait where they died off. still getting pleanty of bh more at night than day, and after 2 days of taking 1 table spoon of castor oil with it not doing anything, not relieveing mild constipation either, so yesterday at 1 in afternoon i took 2 table spoonsand all night had nasty cramps and nasty dioreha, no baby, so i would say all it did was give me a sore bum a c___p night and made me worry i might have caused my baby to have a bowel movement and its still in there, although its moving around and i have a heart rate monitor and its fine at 135bpm, see midwife fri, but hopeing all the time i will go into labour, but worried as they make you wait 10-14 days here in uk for induction even 41 weeks for sweep...aghhhhh babys head is not fully dropped yet either which the books seem to think their might be a preb but my midwifes think it will drop in labour as baby is small and my pelvis is big enough, just hope to god that labour isnt 2 weeks away, all go mad, just feels like its never going to happen especially after thinking i was on sun to be dissapointed it wasnt althoug its so confusing all books say if the contractions are closer than 4 mins get worse and are regular thats def real labour, but thats what happened sun with no baby arrived.. how i will ever know ????


lisa - October 19

OMG it worked, ye ha, good luck to you all and i pray i can keep posting untill i get baby


Tonia - October 19

Good morning to all. Well I got up this morning feeling normal no contractions to report. My legs are killing me from all the walking I've been doing. I feel like I'll be getting induced next week. I don't think that anything is going to happen this week at all. Well atleast that's only 6 days away. I wanted to say congratulations to Dawn again on her delivery. Wish it was me.


Jl - October 19

Still here. Went to the doctor, and had really disappointing news. I was under the impression she would give me an induction date, as today is my dd, but she said I can come back on Monday and we'll talk about induction...I had my heart set on her saying, "okay, well we can induce you before the weekend..." or something like that, and she stompped all over that! She stripped my membranes again, but said I'm still just 1 cm dilated and she "forced" my cervix open more. I haven't really had much for cramps since, and no contraction. Just a little spotting. I haven't been able to stop crying - I never should have gotten my hopes up. I know my baby will come eventually, but the waiting is killing me!



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