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Jl - October 19

Still here. Went to the doctor, and had really disappointing news. I was under the impression she would give me an induction date, as today is my dd, but she said I can come back on Monday and we'll talk about induction...I had my heart set on her saying, "okay, well we can induce you before the weekend..." or something like that, and she stompped all over that! She stripped my membranes again, but said I'm still just 1 cm dilated and she "forced" my cervix open more. I haven't really had much for cramps since, and no contraction. Just a little spotting. I haven't been able to stop crying - I never should have gotten my hopes up. I know my baby will come eventually, but the waiting is killing me!


Tigerphoenix - October 19

Morning everyone. Well I just had a gross discovery this morning when I got to work. Some how between the time I left my house and got to work I lost my mucus plug (gross!!!). I'm hoping that she waits a bit longer because I am totaly unprepared. My bag is at home and so is the car seat. Though I suppose I could send my dh to get them after the baby is born but I dont even have half my stuff packed (was supposed to do it last night but wound up falling asleep. I am such a procrastinator). Ok I admit it, now I am just getting plain nervous (where as everyone else seems more anxious). But then again alot of you have lost your plug and only were 1 cm too and havent gone yet. I need to calm down =S


mary to Jl - October 19

When is your due date? Please do not be sad or in dispair. Look back at all those 260+ days plus all those days trying to concieve ... You can still hope for labor to start naturally, as it may be less uncomfortable. I am 9 days away from my due date. But this is my first and doing all investigations on that I realized that the average number of days for 1st borns are higher - 8 days higher, which means that new moms in general deliver a bit later, closer to the due date or even past it. I cry at times, too because I am so uncomfortable, however, I know that every minute is one closer to seeing my little Jaime. :) Be strong!


Valerie - October 19

Ok so I didn't sleep at all last night contractions didn't get worse jsut stayed at about 1--12 min apart but my back pains were getting much worse and the cramping has been horrible I am also in the bathroom about every 45 minutes!!!! Where is it all coming from!!! Maybe it is all the pineapple juice and RRLT I am drinking!!! So I decided to try and go to work today which was a big mistake driving is almost the worse thing for me right now. I got to work at 6:30am and around 8 am I decided to call the doc to see what he thinks. He told me to go ahead and come in since my back pain and cramps had not gone away. So it is good news I am now 2cm diallated and about 85% effaced!!!!! He said I am doing good and that I am in latent labor he said I could have the baby today or not but to keep timing contractions and call if my water breaks!!! So since my body is diallating and thinning this should be a good thing right? What do yall think is it possible just to sit at 2cm or should I be expecting early I am still 10 from my due date!!!


Tigerphoenix - October 19

Val.. Sounds to me like you just might go early. You are having wayyyyyy more symtoms than I am and I am due in 7 days. I have had very speratic contractions (one here one there) and just mostly pressure. Good Luck hun you just may be the next winner on the who goes next game! hehehehehe


<Amy> (UK) - October 19

I think I'm losing my mucous plug! I did the someone help post lol cos i wasn't sure (didn't want to get my hopes up) but it must have been. Been gettin constant bh lastnight and today, hoping they'll turn into real contractions!


Barb - October 19

morning everyone :) sounds like there's gonna be some babies born soon...YEA!! you all sound as if you're moving right exciting!! well..I FINALLY have some pictures of Trinity, but there in my email...not sure how to post them. so...if anyone wants to see, just email me and I'll forward them to you :) my email: and you can put a face with my name...ha :)


Ranya - October 19

I'm checking in here with nothing to report except that my BHs were actually painful last night, so I guess that's good news. Compared to all you ladies' symptoms I guess that's not much! Congrats Kim hope the c-section went ok and oliver is such a sweet name :) Barb, it's good to hear from you, we miss you around here and I personally miss your cheerfulness, I've been so grumpy lately and I just want to cry! Today my ankles are gone :( Good news is I'm finally in the single digits now, 9 days to go but as Mary said, statistically firstborns tend to go over their due dates and I ovulate late to begin with and my doc won't induce until after week 41 :'( I'm glad at least a few of you girls are progressing, Valerie, Tonia, Tigerphoenix, Lisa looks like any of you could go next...good luck xx


Barb - October 19 is your dd...and the day isn't over yet!! you never might not wait until mon. ... don't give up :)


Tigerphoenix - October 19

LOL Im hoping to have my little one before the hurricane hits (if it does). I would hate to be stuck at home in the middle of one, Its bad enough when you are normal! Looks like the thread is getting a bit long. Is it time to start a new one? Amy... If what your lossing kinda looks like that slime stuff kids play with (as far as consitancy) it probably is your plug. I know that is what mine reminded me of. Ranya...Every little symptom is one step closer so you never know if your next. Hang in there =) Tonia I know the feeling on the pain. Im at work now and wish I had stayed home. I can hardly sit up sometimes. Wonder how Lisa is doing.......


lisa - October 19

hey girls, better message now while my computor will let me, Ive given up all hope of self induction with rlt tea and tablets, ep oil tablets, clary sage oil, self cervix check, castor oil, bouncing up and down on my ball, squats, hot baths, willing it to come etc etc, nothing works, i have a weird pain in my front of pubic bone now when i go to stand up so mabie head is further down. for those of you who have dropped, if you do a self check, is the babys head past where you feel your pelvis inside, they say im only 1/5 engaged but theres only a tiny gap inside me between bones and head.] watching all your progress, and i agree time for a new thread.


<Amy> (UK) - October 19

Yeah, that's exactly what it looks like! I've been having really painful bh for a few hours now sooo painful. They are not true contractions though as can only be felt in the pelvic area and are'nt really getting any longer. With this much pain i'd rather be in real labour!


Tigerphoenix - October 19

Amy...Trust me I know what you mean about the pain. It is driving me nuts right now. Between the pain in the pelvic reagion and the pain in my back (from her sitting on the nerve) I feel like Im falling apart. Maybe I can go home early today. I had to lay down on my side in my boss's office for about 10 min because my back was hurting so bad I couldn't sit or stand without feeling like I was going to cry (this is a lot of pain. I've gotten kicked by horses and twisted my ankle so bad that I ripped every ligament and it didn't hurt this bad). Good thing my boss is out of the office today hehe


JB - October 19

Just to let you know, I started our new thread for part 7!!!


Kim(UK) - October 20

Its crazy as when pregnant i had too much time on my hands and now i barely have time to use the loo let alone catch up with you guys! Little Oliver is doing great, i feel the same Barb, that little one is using me as a pacifier, feeding every two hours (particularly at night!)...To all those who have delivered, will you be continuing contact via another forum or thread as i feel people desparate to have their babies don't want the likes of me cooing over my son and talking about new mum issues. However it would be great to continue to have you all to talk to especially to share ideas and advice with...Hope you are all doing well, to all who are waiting, it's so worth it and it will happen (even tho sometimes you feel pregnancy will never end!) Lots of love xx



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