Calling In Sick To Work At 33 Weeks Feeling Guilty

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krc - June 14

Hello, I am in my 33rd week of pregnancy. I am still working full time in retail. ( Dillard's to be exact ). My shifts are either 9:50-6 or 12-9pm 5 days a week. There are 4 other pregnant women working also but they are all in their 3-6 month and only part time. One girl is 32 weeks but she is only part time and her department is right next to the bathroom. My department is on the other side of the building which has become quite a nuissance when I have to go up to 6 or 8 times a shift. I always thought i'd be working full time right up till I went into labor but things dont seem that way !! These past 2 weeks I've been more tired with less energy. Work has become a total not bouncing off the walls helping customers, putting things away, or leaping around like a gazzelle , LOL. I find myself sitting. I woke up this morning with no energy as if my body was telling me to rest so I decided to call in. I know my co workers understand..they are amazed that Im still full time. My boss had 5 children and even though she's a mean woman she never gives me a hard time about calling in. This is the 2nd time i've done it. Also im not going back to work until my sons is 6 months old or so, so im not worried about my job. So being in my 8th month, is it normal to start to feel a little run down. Should I listen to my body and rest. I think about other women who worked up till labor ( im not talked about a desk job either ) and how they did it. Am I just getting lazy, being weak minded. Im not in any pain or discomfort...just tired I suppose. Any opinions????


Traci76 - June 14

Hey, you're doing better than I would be in your situation! I'm 30 weeks, and called in yesterday, and I work in an office! In my case, I woke up at 6am feeling really sick to my stomach and was having some cramps. I felt better by about 11:00, but still didn't go in. Granted, I work 45 minutes away from home, but I could have still made a 1/2 day of it. Even though I work in an office, which is much easier than what you're doing, I also have a VERY boring job!!! It gives me more time to sit and think about how bad I'm feeling.


Nora1 - June 14

I'm 38 weeks and work a desk job, but it is tiring & draining still. Especially when you're in your last month, things seem to go downhill a little. It would be very nice to be able to be done with work at this point!


elkay - June 14

Hello to you both. I am about 32 weeks and my full time job has me sitting in front of a computer 1/2 of the day, and walking up mounds of dirt home sites in the hot southern summer the other 1/2. I have called in a few times and don't have energy anymore. Today will be my first day on my leave although, my HR manager and the disability people are giving me a real hard time to get anything started. I have told them both that even if I don't get paid until I give birth, I can't work any longer. I don't feel like any of us are lazy for listening to what our pregnant bodies are telling us. I too felt a bit silly for wanting to take off so early, but our health and the health of our babies are much more important.


Nita_ - June 14

I'm still working and am in my 39th week. Yes, I have a desk job(kinda, sit in front of the computer), but it gets tiring sometimes. And yes, I've called in sick/worked from home a few times. In fact, I'm working from home for the past two days. I plan to work all the way till I deliver the baby unless my body says I can't. You should listen to your body and take rest as needed. At first even if I was tired in the afternoons, I was still sitting there working. Now a days, I just come home. Luckily my manager is OK with all of this. they understand!


moucheka - June 14

I'm at week 31 and I work in an office, sitting all day and I am tired. I have restless legs which causes insomnia and am just getting worn out. My husband fortunately works in the same office and drives me as I can no longer drive myself due to the return of morning sickness (I guess it's never going away!). My hat's off to anyone who can work standing up. Even though I am in good health, no problems, swim daily, there is no way I could stand up to work. Annoys me a bit as if I were at home in Australia, I'd be starting maternity leave very soon but here it's work till you pop!


iakram - June 14

Hi Krc! Don't feel guilty at all! It's amazing you've made it this far especially in your line of work. I'm 33 weeks as well! I have an office job from about 9:30 - 5:30pm and it can get to you. I'm greatful I can sit all day and walk around only when I have to. I use a garbage can which keep my feet elevated - but still it gets tiring. My job is really stressful and sometimes I think I may be doing more harm than good working in my last months - but thank God all is working well for me. I was set on leaving June 30th as my last day. I wanted an entire month to relax and spend with my 4 year old, but I may have to push my working end date as they are really swamped here when I go. But it's natural I hear in your last months we're supposed to be less energetic and more tired. It's not you being weak minded - but it does get to you. Is there any way you can start your mat leave now or say end of June? I haven't really called in sick to work since I took an intial 4 weeks off at the start [Morning Sickness issues] but I've take quite a few afternoon's off b/c of Drs apts. But yes I've been tempted to call in sick one too many times...Good Luck Krc I hope you can take some time off :)


Mingill - June 14

Hi krc, I'm only 27 weeks, but I work retail (women's clothing) part-time and right about now, I find it exhausting. I've cut back on hours and basically told my manager she should hire more people because I couldn't gaurantee that I'd be able to work as many shifts anymore. Everyone is very understanding, especially when it comes to certain tasks that I just can't handle. So if your body is telling you to rest, you should listen to it. Don't worry about it. Besides if you already weren't feeling well and you went to work, you could really tire yourself out and end up going home early. At least if you call in, they can get someone else vs. leaving them stuck mid-shift.


Erynn21 - June 14

I'm 28 weeks and about a month ago I decided it would be awesome if I could just be "barefoot and pregnant." I know it is a little archaic, but that's how I felt, I work as a hairstylist and am self-employed so my schedule is pretty flexible, and my clients understand that I'm pregnant. I keep sayingI'll go as long as I can, everyone is different. I also thought I'd be sick as a dog in the beginning and I wasn't. I have felt great most of the time, it's just sometimes I don't want to be around my clients or be at work I want to be home. I have called in and my co-worker is like another mom to me so she understands. My doctor says 1st and 3rd tri's are the hardest because of all of the development, 1st it's the placenta which takes a lot out of you and all the bloodflow, M/S, etc. 2nd tri is the honeymoon phase most women feel awesome, then 3rd tri hits and bam tired all over because of the weight and the greater demands to the baby. You're 8 mo. don't feel bad your tired, it's normal. I totally understand, like I said I just want to be home making dinner and dealing with domestic stuff, I guess everyone is different, some ppl just keep going others like me just want to be chill.


mommie2be - June 14

NO- YOU ARE NOT LAZY! And YES you should listen to your body. Today's world expects so much from everyone and we leave little time for our body to repair itself... especially for pregnant women. I wouldn't feel bad, just be honest with yourself and your job- if you need to take leave or quit now- do it... your baby needs you more than Dillards.


starr - June 14

Hi,Krc.I totally understand where you're coming from.I worked until I was 38wks.True, I had a desk job but I was constantly getting up every 5-10 mins.and walking to do my research.It is very normal to become tired and run down.I called in twice starting at about 33wks and didn't really feel guilty b/c I had to listen to my body.That job will be there and if not, then there are others.But you have to take care of yourself and baby.My co-workers were suprised that I worked until 2 wks before my due date but I made it.Don't push yourself too much,listen to your body.Good luck.


Deb - June 15

I stopped working at 32 weeks. I had planned to work up to about 38 weeks, but my body had other plans. It just got to be too much and my doctor told me to stop. Now that I am 36 weeks, I realize that it was the best decision for me. It gives me plenty of time to rest (an afternoon nap does wonders!) and time to focus on my baby before he/she arrives. I think you should listen to your body and if you can handle it financially, then stop. Good luck to you!



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