Camilla S Happy Birthing Story

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Camilla - April 14

Hey girls..Congrats to all those who recently had their babies & good luck and happy birthing to those now waiting. I thought I'd post my birth story here, as I've enjoyed other gals' stories too. We just had our little girl on April 10th, at 38 weeks and 1 day. She weighed 7lbs 8 oz and was 21 1/4" inches long. The birth was plain and simple my dream birth come true! I've given birth the natural way, no meds to the end - and although it certainly was an experience..and gave me a pretty clear idea of how it feels to be in also put me off natural for good. My hat off to anybody who's willing to do it that way more than once! :-) I've had epi before but it didn't always work the way it should. This time I can honestly say I gave birth and for the first time had no real pain at all. Amazing. Just didn't think that was possible! My water started leaking on Monday, around 2.30 p.m.,not one big gush but continuous. We packed my bags (oops!), I ironed some of her clothes and we set off to the hospital. I didn't have any real contractions at all, just some tightening. But when checked I was already at 4 cm and 80% effaced. They set me up for my epi which pretty much worked right away. We waited for a bit to see how I'd progress and when nothing much happened within the hour they added Pitocin. Within no time I was contracting but didn't know I was. I was pretty amazed. It took an hour to go from 4-5 cm but they thought I might still be a while. After 20 mins. I told them, that now I could certainly feel something! It wasn't like a painful contraction but incredibly intense pressure, - somewhere down there. So, by then I could tell when I was having contractions but they felt more like something really heavy was pushing out. The m/wife checked again and I'd gone from 5 to fully dilated in 20 minutes!! That was a bit of a shock..They paged my ob/gyn as fast as they could. So we just waited for him to arrive. I did get pretty nervous and couldn't stop shaking. Well doc arrived in time and I was allowed to push. Pushing for me has always been the good part. I was incredibly lucky this time round too because just about 5 minutes later, she slipped out. And for those of you on their first babies, even my first was out in about 10! So, you never know..I feel so utterly blessed to have her and I am so, so grateful for this birth! So, yes giving birth can be very tough - but it isn't always so. Your story is going to very special because it is your own story - but I wish the very best for you too. Everyone has different hopes how it'll all work out and sometimes these hopes just come true....! Take care all and thanks to all those I've talked to this last year,...Camilla


Steph - April 14

Awww! Congrats to you! I am glad things went so smoothly...those stories are always the nicest to hear!


meme - April 14

Congratulations! I'm confused though. You had a natural birth experience/ didn't have meds, but you had an epidural & Pitocin? Those are meds/ unnatural intervention. Can you clear up what you meant? Thanks.


HannahBaby - April 15

She had an epidural with her first baby. She went natural with this baby (as in no pain meds) pitocin is an intervention, but doesnt disqualify some one from saying that they had a "natural labor" that just means no pain meds. With out pitocin she could still be there in labor. My cousin went from 1 to 6cm in about an hour and then it was like someone slammed on the breaks. She didnt do anything for 3 hours, no contractions, nothing so they gave her some pit, and boom went from 6-10cm in about 20 mins


HannahBaby - April 15

O wait, i just re read her post and it is very confusing......She HAD a natural birth (not this birth) first and decided she didnt ever want to do this again so she had an epidural with this baby.....not a great story teller


meme - April 15

Actually, it seems like she said that in both her birth experiences she had medical intervention, both with epidurals... just one time that the epidural didn't work. Yeah, I'm confused too.


Camilla - April 15

Steph and Meme thanks for the congrats! Just wanted to clear up the confusion - I gave birth one time (in the past) without any medication and after that I never wanted to give birth that way again. I chose epi with my next birth but there were some probs getting it to work. Then this time - when I had this baby on Monday everything worked out great. Just thought it might be nice to read some good news and wish you all the best.



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