Camping Am I Crazy

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Allie - April 24

Ok ladies, here is my situation. My daughter has her first girl scout camping trip coming up - it's an overnight, and she is required to have a parent with her. The trip is about 1 hour from our house (which makes it about 2 from the hospital) - here is the tricky part. I will be almost 37 weeks pregnant - am I insane to want to try and do this? My husband could take her, but I honestly don't want to miss out on this exciting time in her life...what are your thoughts?


bean - April 24

Go for it!!! It'll be so much fun, and it'll help take your mind off those last few weeks of waiting. Your daughter will really appreciate her last "alone" time with Mommy before the new baby comes, and I'm sure the other girls will be fascinated hearing about how your daughter is preparing for the new arrival. Sure, you may not be able to hike far, but you can help out with arts and crafts. Will you be sleeping in a dorm or in a tent? The night might be rough, esp if you have to get up to pee several times, and the outhouses are far away... but if it's a trip with modern convenienances than go for it! Should your little one decide to make a surprise visit during the trip, you'll have plenty of women around to help and support you, care for your daughter, take you to the hospital, etc. I think it sounds awesome!


Allie - April 24

it's tent camping, but I believe there are bathrooms close, and we have an air mattress (we have all the camping equipment b/c normally we camp a lot throughout the summer). I just think if it's only one night, it cant be too bad, and it's such an important night for her...


3babies - April 24

Hi Allie, I would also go, especially if you feel pretty relaxed about it. I agree though, be prepared for a bit of a sleepless night. I have camped late in pregnancy before and getting on an off that air mattress is a challenge in itself ... especially without hubby there to balance out the weight! Was your daughter a quick labour? That's the only thing I would consider really! Good luck!


Allie - April 24

Actually, both of the children I am currently raising are from my husbands first marriage, so this is my first pregnancy (I have adopted the kids, so we do not differentiate with them at all). Most of the women in my family seem to have pretty average length pregnancies, though.


3babies - April 24

Then I would definitely say go for it, especially as most first babies aren't born before their due date. I think your daughter and you will really enjoy it! ... Now if there was only some way of not having to get up to pee all the time!


bean - April 25

Sounds like a lot of fun Allie! I would go for it as well. And if it's tent camping, I found that peeing outside is sooo much easier when pg cause you have that extra weight in front to balance you out (hee hee)... just in case you don't want to walk all the way back to the bathrooms in the middle of the night!


Allie - April 25

Thanks ladies. I am going to ask my dr. at my appt today, and if he see's no problem I am definitely going to go. My husband may be able to come with, which will make it easier, too, but it's just too important to miss if there is no medical reason to stay at home :)



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