Can A 3 Year Old Deliver A Baby

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Rabbits07 - March 17

I'm not really serious about the the t_tle question! I have been worried though. My sister called me last night and asked me if I had informed the baby that this coming Tuesday is not a good time to be born. My husband has a dr. appt. about 45 miles away, my sister will be at a seminar and my mom will be babysitting her son who has autism. So, I'm thinking...Oh my gosh, I'm gonna go in labor on Tuesday and have this baby at home and totally traumatize my 3 year-old for life!


Alycia - March 17

LOL!!! Don't worry too much, dearie. You probably won't be lucky enough to go into labor and then have the baby before your hubby could get to you! Just make sure he has a cell phone or you have the number to his doctor's office. But if it makes you feel any better, when babies do come that quickly, it's usually because there's absolutely nothing wrong!


Rabbits07 - March 18

I know it's probably excessive worry. My last labor wasn't very lng and this is my 7th pregnancy. I've been told to go to the hospital when contractions are regular, even if they are 20 minutes apart. I was told that w/ my last one, too, but I was determined that I wasn't going until I was positive it was true labor.(my contractions never became 'regular' in any of my labors) At DH insistense we went at 4:30 am and baby was born at 8:20 am. I have really uncomfortable BH now, so I just worry that I will mistake real cx for BH and then dilate super fast (with #3 I went from 5 cm-baby's head was crowning in a matter of minutes!...that was on Pitocin though) Anyways, I know the odds are in my favor that I won't go in labor at the most inconvenient time, but you know how those pregnancy jitters can be.


Alycia - March 18

Given all those circ_mstances, I do understand your worry, but I'm sure everything will be fine. I know you don't *want* to give birth on your kitchen floor with only your three-year-old in attendance, but if that does happen I'm sure everything will be just fine with you and the baby. You can always call 911 if you have to!



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