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star_eyes - October 10

I am 28 weeks pregnant and feeling very frustrated with my work right now. I've been with the same company for almost 4 years and they have always prided themselves on being a family owned company and treating everyone like family. Well, I've always believed this to an extent but what they are doing right now is not right and I'm p___sed and hurt at the same time. When I realized I wouldn't be returning after the baby is born I decided to be honest about it and let my work know well in advance what my plan was. Now I feel like I'm being punished for it. I've always been a salary employee and just a couple of weeks ago my boss said that he wanted to switch me to hourly due to the fact that he "knows how pregnancies go" and wants to be "fair" and "flexible" with me so that I can leave work early or come to work late if necessary. Well, a salaried employee gets to do that anyway and still gets paid for it. Hourly doesn't. Another thing is, hourly employees at my company do not get paid sick leave so now I don't either even after having it for four years!!! It doesn't sound like he's being fair or flexible with me at all. The worst part was, he didn't mention that he was taking away the sick pay to me, I had to find out through a coworker!! Also, my baby is due January 3rd and I plan to work through December 14th. I asked him this morning if I would be covered on health insurance at least through January since I'm not due until then and obviously can't go without health insurance. He told me I'd have to sign up through Cobra!! I'm even willing to pay for it but I just want to make sure there's no gap in coverage. I asked why I can't just go through the company since technically you're supposed to get 6 weeks maternity leave and that would get me through January and he seemed unwilling to budge but said he'd let me know. What really makes me so mad is that if I hadn't been upfront and done what was right IMO as far as telling them I wasn't coming back then I wouldn't have to worry about not being covered. I shouldn't have to stress out about this and it really hurts that he could be so awful about this even after I've devoted 4 years of myself to this company and I'm supposedly considered to be "family". Anyone else have anything like this that they are going through or any advice for me?? Thanks!!


Pearl - October 10

That's horrible! I have been with my company for almost 9 years. They claim to be family oriented as well. I am finding that they aren't too bad about living up to that. I took 6 weeks off for the birth of my daughter (almost 7 years old) and didn't get paid because I was newer with the company and hadn't worked up to full benefits yet. With my son (4 years old) I scheduled 6 weeks off, but only took 2 1/2 due to the amount of work that had piled up for me. I have been on bed rest since last Tuesday (now 36 w 4d) and I am scheduled for a c-section on the 24th. They've been super nice about everything this time! I have close to 300 sick hours saved up and I have over 3 weeks of paid vacation. I should be fine to get paid through all of this. I am planning on taking 6 weeks off after the baby is born. Hopefully your company isn't trying to pull anything over on you! You should sit your boss (or even your boss's boss) down and find out what is going on. Hopefully you'll get something worked out.


star_eyes - October 10

Hi Pearl, unfortunately my boss is the owner of the company so what he says goes. I feel really betrayed and wish that I could really be enjoying my pregnancy instead of feeling stressed out and angry! I suppose that's a mental obstacle I need to overcome so I don't short myself of anything that I DO deserve. I'm going to wait and see what happens with the insurance thing. I know it's not just aimed at me because a friend of mine who was pregnant here at the company earlier this year was expected to pay 100% of her health insurance even when she was on maternity leave!! That's not right. You should still receive your benefits if you're on maternity leave. I'm learning that "family" can be shady! Ha!


DaBonkElsMe - October 10

Tell him that according to discrimination laws, he cannot change your position in the company just because you're pregnant. What he did is illegal, unless he has some other reason - that has NOTHING to do with your pregnancy to change your position. Even in a job that is dangerous, like heavy lifting, etc, a boss does not have the right to determine whether or not a pregnant employee can continue - that would be up to the woman and her doctor. What your boss is doing is illegal. Tell him you talked to a lawyer (even if you don't) and that you know you're rights. Whether or not you plan to return after the baby is born, is completely irrelavant!



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