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torbman - May 30

I am 31 weeks and 4 days. Today I went in for my glucose test, and when I got home as I was standing chatting with a neighbour, I felt a trickle down my leg. I got a little nervous but had to pee so thought thats all it was. I changed, had somethng to eat, and went and laid down for an hour. Got up as someone was at the door and it happened again. It didn't smell like urine. I went to the docters immediatly. She checked and said other then alot of mucus on the cervix (sorry TMI), and that the cervix was soft, everything looked ok. She gave me some meds to change my urine an orange color so that if it leaked that I would know its my bladder. I also have an ultrasound to go to at 2:30 today. Has anyone had there bladder do this? I can't control it at all. This is my third child and I remember with my first two when my water broke and it was nothing like this. I am worried that my water did break and its too early. Anyone else had this?


JESS1980 - May 30

Hi torbman! I hope this helps.... I am almost 28 weeks and had a similar situation. It was about 5 weeks ago. I had to take a long road trip and was in the car for about 2 hours when I realized that I had to pee. When we finally stopped, I stood up and felt a little leak. So I went to the bathroom and checked. There was a wet spot in my underwear. Since I had to pee and since I had been in the car for so long I just a__sumed a little urine had leaked out. I had a doctor appt. two days later, so I just waited until then and everything looked fine with the baby. I haven't had any more "leakage" since that day, so as best I can tell it was either urine or excess water. Sometimes the baby puts pressure on your bladder (and you don't always feel it) and urine or water may leak out. Since you've been to the doc, I wouldn't worry. But I would definitely let her know if it happens again. GOOD LUCK!!


3babies - May 30

Hi Torbman, I hope it isnt your waters! I just wanted to say that remember it is possible to have a UTI while pregnant without having frequency/burning etc. One of the symptoms can be pa__sive incontinence (leakage without urge). I hope that is all it is for you and they can clear it up with ABs. Good luck! Did your doctor test your pad for amniotic fluid? They can do that too if it happens again.



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