Can Anyone Tell Me What Goes On In The Parenting Classes

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Rachel.R - November 3

Hey, my boyfriend and I are 29 weeks pg, and we start the parenting classes on the 9th of november, there going for 5 weeks for 3and a half hours a week. Can anyone tell me, what Goes on there ? I have no idea.. I just coughed up the money for them and didnt even ask about what happends. Thanks for your help


krissy - November 3

Honestly from my experience it's alot of BS. They show you videos of birth, teach breathing techniques, give you a tour of hopspital, etc. I guess it's useful if your BF really doesn't know what to expect, but I really think it's common sense!!


kris10 - November 3

I totally disagree with Krissy - I thought they were very helpful, but then again I didn't know much about the birthing process. They teach you what your body goes through during labor/delivery, they teach you about medication management, about breathing/progressive relaxation, and other relaxation/comfort measures to use during the process. It was helpful for us, hopefully it will be the same for you guys! Hope that helps...


pbj - November 3

I agree with kris10, we found the cla__s helpful. I personally already knew a lot of the information, but it definately was a benefit to my husband. He now knows how to help me out when I'm in labor, exactly what I want & don't want as far as medication (just in case I'm in no shape to speak for myself). We were able to meet 10 other couples who are all due around the same time we are, which was really nice. I did learn so really great relaxation techniques; so people like them so don't. Anyway, personally I thought it was very beneficial, especially info on medication since I couldn't decide if I wanted to be medicated or go natural.


Ca__sie - November 4

Yeah... I think they are mostly beneficial to the hubbies. We tend to read everything anyway, but hubbies get the chance to have the information presented to them in these cla__ses... which will help us while in labor.


mom of 4 - November 4 a social worker i can tell you that those cla__ses are basics for idiot parents that are usually court ordered to attend..they teach you things like dont shake your baby and don't use the same cloth to wash the face with after you wipe the b___t and don't get drunk while your kid is in the bath tub..things these people really need to know..usually responsible parents who go on chat lines about parenting and voluntarily sign up for these cla__ses don't learn a thing....i hate to tell you this but most of what you need to know you learn from don't pick your baby up in the middle of the night while groggy and your contacts aren't might run her little head into the corner of a wall..oops (personal experience)...


mom of 4 - November 4

oh wait..are you talking about birthing cla__ses or parenting cla__ses??


Christy - November 4

Are you talking about childbirth education or parenting cla__ses? We went to a first time parents childbirth ed cla__s at the hospital where we are delivering and I thought it was pretty helpful. In fact, the participants (as in parents-to-be) included two doctors, a nurse, an occupational therapist, and a physical therapist (me). Yes there are some "common sense" kind of things, but a lot of people never held or diapered a baby, so we got to practice with faux babies. They also discussed stages of labor (a bit too much), epidurals, c-sections, pain meds, breathing/relaxation techniques, birthing b___s and positions in which to birth, and post-partum care (not looking forward to that.) We also toured the hospital, received info on hospital policy, and watched several videos on different things. Overall, I thought it was good that we went, and would recommend that you go if your cla__s sounds remotely like ours.



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