Can Baby Ever Be Too Low

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cyclemom - February 16

My baby boy dropped at 35 weeks. I was in the hospital w/ contractions and every nurse that checked me said, "Wow, his head is SO low, I can't believe it!" Every time my Dr. checks me, she says basically the same thing. Today she told me his head is lower than any of her patients have ever been in all her years of practice! I guess that explains my unbelievable pelvic and sciatic pain. Anyway, just wondering if that could be a problem to have him so low. Do you think his head is getting squished?? I'm also afraid because during s_x, my husband says he feels like he's hitting something. Is that a problem? My Dr. said that most residents or young Dr.'s would tell me I was fully dialated b/c my cervix is so thin she can feel his fontanels on his head! I'm past my due date and want to do everything I can to speed things along, but I'm worried about my husband hitting his head during s_x w/ such a thin cervix. AGH!! Anyone have any adivce or know if it could be a problem for his head to be so low?


Tammy276 - February 16

First, if you are that thin already, s_x isn't going to do anything for you unless you have an orgasm and that starts off your hubby could please you in other ways to get you there.. His sperm help to thin out the cervix, and since how your cervix is thin already, having s_x really isn't going to do you any good. I don't think there is a such thing as his head being "too" low, I think they are maybe just surprised that you haven't delivered yet....I would say if he is that low, get your hinder to the hospital ASAP when you start having contractions!! Hope this helps a bit.


MamaStacy - February 19

my doc told me the samething. As a result my labour was a half an hour..good luck


HEATHER - February 20

Id get yourself to have some orgasms with out the penetration, at this point that might be all you need to kick your contractions into high gear. Id say your lucky your baby wont have to drop much to get your labor going. So how many cm are you?



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