Can I Take My Maternity Leave Earlier Than Planned

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danielle19 - October 15

hi every 1 in 27weeks 3days. just a qwick question really. ive told work that im planning on leaving for my maternity leave on the 7th december when im 35weeks but im really struggling and want to start as soon as im 29weeks which is the end of next week. im suppose to give 21days notice i think it is if i want to change my dates but i really dont think i can last that long! if i went to see my gp and they signed me of work will my maternity pay start straight away? thanks


jessi01 - October 15

hi danielle, trust me u have a long way to go if u feel like u cant take it anymore. i am pretty sure that ur maternity leave starts as soon as u leave. i am gonna be 36 weeks tomorrow and I CAN"T take any more, lol but they only thing that keeps me coming to work still is that i am still saving my hrs, plus if i leave now then i wont spend that much time at home with my baby, so i would really try and stay at work if i was u, keep saving ur hrs and just relax at work, they need to underatnd that u r prego and he cant be up and down. plus also remember that after the baby is born u r gonna have to miss a day or leave early from work to take the baby to the dr appts, so u still will need hrs left. hope that helps, but keep hanging on in there ok!!!!!


danielle19 - October 16

hi jessi! im not intending on coming back to work when my maternity pay ends as ive been unhappy in this job for a while! the hours are also too long to deal with a baby aswell and they wont cut them down! its hard as i work in an office that is full of blokes no women atall so they are not really that considerate. i also do the cleaning to get some extra money which i get moaned at for not taking the hoover upstairs and hoovering! i told them i refuse to carry it up there do to the carpet being loose and somebody already falling down it once!! its just a battle every morning to get up and come here! ive been depressed in the past and my doctors were worried id be prone 2 depression with me being pregnant when i found out so i dont want to slip back in to that. im taking 1 day at a time at the min and by 2pm all i want to do is sleep! i had problems at the start of my pregnancy with bleeding alot and was told i was misscarrying then last week had to spend the night in hospital due to period like pains they put me on a moniter which showed i was having mild contractions and there was to much activity going on for 27weeks pregnant so that worrys me aswell i dont want to over do it! i admire you for still working so late in your pregnancy and i did plan to work till 35weeks but things dont seem to be going to plan and i dont want to risk the health of me or my baby espicially when work collegues dont really help me out at work! x


jessi01 - October 16

hey girl, well since u put it that way, ur baby is first. u dont want to risk it, what has ur dr said about it? i think u should just relax, they need to understand in ur job that u r prego and u have had minor problems already, and if they dont understand then screw them, its not like this is the only job in the world. ur baby comes first. talk to ur dr maybe he can give u a note or something that u can take to work and show them proof. hopes this helps hang in there!!!!!!!!


danielle19 - October 16

ive not spoke to my doctor about it yet. i think im just going to see how i get on next week and if i still feel the same by a week on monday when im 29weeks ill go doctors!i think im going to really try and stay aslong as possible but if i feel any worse then screw em lol


mm28 - October 16

Hey danielle, I would definitely talk to your doctor about how you're feeling. If he mandates bed rest for you, I wouldn't think you need to give much notice to your work. If they are not providing reasonable accomodations for you (seriously you are supposed to haul things up stairs?!?), that is a risk to your baby and is not acceptable under maternity laws. Maybe you can sit down with your manager and clearly state what accomodations you need in order to continue working for x more weeks. Good luck!



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