Can It Be Clear Discharge Not Your Waters Leaking

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whatisgoingon - November 29

I am 36wks 1day pregnant, I noticed the other night a trickle of clear fluid which soaked my underwear. At first I thought "yikes could that be my waters leaking?"..then I just assumed as it wasn't accompanied by another leak or any pains that it must have been discharge. It happened again this afternoon, twice, both times soaking my underwear. Can you have clear discharge that soaks your underwear and it not be because your waters are leaking? It's just normal discharge? It is clear and has no smell to it (it's definately not urine). I have a feeling it might happen again..if it does should I just ring the midwife and ask or do you think it's just clear normal discharge? Thanks xo


ZenGirl - November 29

when i was pg with my son i noticed one day that a area on my lower belly was squishy. it was wierd because everything had been so tight because he was so low. i also had some leakage and wasn't sure if it was discharge, mucous plug, urine or amniotic fluid. i went to my regular weekly ob appt on a tuesday, asked the dr and he said "all kinds if funky stuff comes out if your body when you are pregnant..don't worry". i had already dilated 3cm at that point. in was having contractions and on wednesday my dh and i went to our last lamaze cla__s. i was having regular contractions all the way through the cla__s and my husband tried to convince me to go to the hospital right after the cla__s. i didn't want to be one of those people who go in 50 times thinking they are in labor when they are not so we went home. the next day i was at work having more contractions longer and closer together. my boss finally sent me home and told me to go to the hospital. i waited for my hubby to get off work and we went in at like 7:30 that night. they checked me at triage and tested the fluid with a little stip and told me my water had broken and i was leaking amniotic fluid. of course i was admitted and my son came in the wee hours of friday morning. My point is that i knew something was off and because i listened complacently to my dr. my son or i could have developed an infection. we didn't but they did keep us in the hospital for an extra day because i was on antibiotics because no one knew when my water broke. the reason it was just a little bit at time is because he was so low his head acted like a plug when he would move a bit is when i would leak..... good luck!!


ZenGirl - November 29

forgot to mention that i was 38 weeks when this happened. he was our first baby.


Faye84 - November 29

Is it gooey? Or is its like water actually "trickling"? if is is runny and like water that sounds like your water may be leaking. But if it is more slimy that sounds like cervical mucus. My water broke when I was 38 weeks, before it broke there was like a little tear in it because it just "trickled" out like you said. It would happen after I stood up from going to the bathroom. Then is actually broke and it was a full b__wn water way could you miss that. If thats the case I would call the doctor, They may have you go on bedrest until your full term.


whatisgoingon - November 29

Thanks ladies, I just dont want to be one of those women who rushes off to the hospital over things. It didnt leak again last night but this morning it did. It's been doing it on/off for the past 2 days. Surely if it was a slow leak of amniotic fluid my waters would have fully gushed by now? I have been getting a lot of groin cramps & have lower stomach pressure/mild discomfort (he has dropped and is engaged). The stuff that comes out when I leak is completely like water, soaks right through my underwear, has no colour or odour. My normal usual discharge is a clear/creamy colour and thicker. Perhaps it's just watery mucous and perhaps it's nothing to do with my waters at all? I guess I will just keep an eye on it and if it keeps happening I'll call the midwife at the hospital and just ask what it could be.


Tan - November 29

i had/have the same as you described.. clear, watery... i thought it might be amniotic fluid.. bc it just kinda comes at once. i called my doc on monday, she told me to go to L&D, i went and they checked. it wasnt amniotic fluid.. so i dont know what to tell you.. but i guess better safe then sorry.


AmberNicole - November 30

With my ds, I wasn't sure, either, but after 2 days I finally went to the dr. and sure enough it was amniotic fluid. By the time I had my c-section with him, I had developed a fever, and they thought I had an infection. It's nothing to take lightly, if you're worried, call your dr.


Faye84 - November 30

whats going on, I would get it checked out at your next Dr visit. Having a leak is NOT good, You can get an infection. Fluid and bacteria can get back up in there. and no if you just have a leak that doesnt mean your water will break.



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