Can Really Bad Stomach Aches Mean Contractions

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maylene1852 - June 30

im wondering if this might be the start of things? last night at around 2 i woke up with bad stomachache and tried to go back to sleep, by 3 am i have a really bad stomachache and im constipated and cant sleep. does anyone know if your other kids can sense stuff? my 18 month old dd (cosleeper) also woke up and refuses to go back to sleep, its kinda driving me crazy. i ate something and was able to go back to sleep after some period type cramping.this morning i still have a mild stomachache but nothin like last night so im assuming it stopped. could it have been contractions??? i also have a lot of sharp twinges in the lips of my va___a that really hurt...... what could all this mean????


hey - June 30

how many weeks are you? remember that your baby puts a lot of pressure on your v____a and bowels, this causes alot of discomfort!


T. - June 30

Did your stomach get really tight, them loosen after 20 sec. or so? If it was just your stomach hurting, then it was probably your baby putting pressure on your bowels, like "hey" said. Contractions are when your uterus tightens, then releases, so I'm sure you'd be able to tell the difference. There are also Braxton Hicks contractions, which happen more towards the top of your uterus and they don't hurt, they just make your tummy feel tight. Hope this helps and good luck! =)


Christina - June 30

You said you were constipated. Are you sure about this or are you saying "I felt like I needed a BM but when I sit on the pot it just hurts like it's been a week since last BM." I'm asking because this is what ALL of my contractions felt like and many women feel this. My cousin actually almost had the baby on the pot thinking she was just constipated. So you may actually be having BH's. Also, period type cramping is something they say you should call the doc about. Cramping is bad. But if you just mean your belly was tightening (as T. asked) then I'd say yes .... contractions and your body is getting ready. This doesn't mean it'll happen in a few days. I had BH's for a month before I had any of my kids. GOOD LUCK



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