Can Shape Of Belly Determine Sex Of Baby

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Jane - July 5

At my 20 wk ultrasound, I was told I am having a girl. My doc said she was 90% sure. Being my first baby, I was happy with anything so long as she's healthy. However, recently the size of my pouch has grown into to a round and pointy shape. (I am 28 wks). My relatives says if it's round and pointy then it's more likely to be a boy and if it's broad and wide it's more likely to be a girl. Just wondering if there is any validity to that? We am preparing for our nursery and wondering if we should go neutral on the safe side.


chelsey - July 5

yup, go neutral anyways, better safe than sorry. Yellow is a pretty color for boys and girls. My relatives had told me that if you carry your baby high (just under your b___sts), that it'll be a boy, and if you carry the baby low (more so in your abdomen), that it'll be a girl. Also heard that if you gain the weight all over, it'll be a girl, and if you just look like you've swallowed a beach ball, it'll be a boy. I'm having a boy, and I carry a beachball just under my throat. So for me it holds true, but every pregnancy is different. Cant rely on those old wives tales too much! Good luck!


tara - edd 8/8/05 - July 5

I wouldn't rely on the old wives tales too much. But someone tolled me that it's in the last month that these 'belly theories' hold true. I think depending onn where your from these tales have some variation to them. Go neutral and later you can add boy/girl accessories and finishing touches to the nursery.


Jodie - July 5

i carried all my pregnancies very high, and have had a girl and boy so far, this ones a boy aswell, infact going off all the old wives tales my first 2 children should have been the opposite s_x to what they are


lyn - July 6

I would go by what my doctor said. I have people all the time tell me that I am having a boy because I am carring low and all out front. Well sorry everyone, it's a girl. And I'm sure it's a girl. How you carry depends on your body. How tall you are or how heavyyou are. It doesn't mean that you are having a boy or a girl.


Chris - July 6

This is such an old wives tale. I hae 4 girls. 1st 3 I gained all over & got huge. With my 4th I gained very little & am carrying all in the belly. Unlike the others. And guess what, they are ALL girls. So don't believe that old wives tale.



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