Can Someone Describe What They Felt

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36 weeks - November 24

They say real labor u can feel it in your lower back, now is it a sharp pain or a constant dull pain? does it go from side to side or is it constant throughout the lower back ? i am not sure how to associate my lower back pain, i am 36 weeks now and i know my cervix has soften, i did have s_x last night which i know can jump start labor but can one time in 2 months really be that effective? anyways anyones expereince would be a great help, thanks


Kate - November 24

36 weeks... I wish there was a simple answer to your question, but everyone is SO different with regards to what birth / labour feels like. I personally have never felt a contraction. I didn't know I was even in labor. If I had not had a doctors apt that day (learned I was 100% effaced, 5 cm dilated, and baby was in zero station...) I wouldn't have gone to the hospital when I did. I only was in the hospital for 35 minutes before my baby was born. ~ I had pretty bad back pain towards the end of my pregnancy... I figured I was just having a bad back day. It hurt like c___p but didn't have me thinking I was in labor. The only thing I do remember as odd, was that I felt like I had to go to the bathroom really bad (poop that is..) and just couldn't. I now know that was the pressure of the baby in the birth ca___l. ~ Anyway, I think you either have bad back pain, or you will feel intense contractions... either way, I think you will know. ~ I seem to have been the exception with regards to labor out of my friends and family... Oh.. I also did start the "bloody show" an hour before I went into my doctors office but I didn't think much of it because I was told that it could occur 24-48 hours before labor!! Anyway, when in doubt, call your doctor or go to the hospital!! Good luck!! :)


Jackie - November 30

What does being in zero station mean? Last visit I was told i was in station 1?


Kate - November 30

zero station means the baby has engaged and is ready to be delivered. You are probably -1, meaning the baby hasn't completely dropped into your pelvis. Here is a link about the term "station" :


dew - November 30

Oh my god kate, I pray for that type of labor. This is my first and I'm very afraid of giving birth. 35 minutes sounds like a dream come true.


Kate - November 30

Um.. it was actually a little too fast. I seriously wouldn't have made it to the hospital if I hadn't gone to the doctor's apt. AND that only was to figure out when I was going to be induced and to strip my membranes (again). BTW, there is nothing to do to self induced... I tried eating hot, spicing, etc. I tried exercise (tons of exercise..) and nothing worked. The baby comes when it is ready. ~ However, as I drove MYSELF to the hospital, I called my husband to take his time... I would be in labor for a long time. Thank goodness he didn't listen to me.. he got there as the baby was literally coming out. ~ Don't wish for a super quick labor... a few hours is good! ~ Good luck.. I hope you have a fairly quick labor (you get to the hospital and get checked-in.. then have the baby!) :) Also, I personally didn't have time for the epidural and I didn't think labor was too painful. I know you hear awful stories while you are pregnant about labor.. but not everyone shares that experience!


Emily - November 30

My back pain that I had when I was in labor last time was rough. It didn't come in waves. It was constant, like really really horrible period cramps. It grew worse and worse as things progressed. It didn't start like that. First it was just normal contractions, stomach getting hard, tingeling and the pain would start up high and make it's way right down to my pelvic region. As the contractions became stronger the back pain started, it was mild at first and then turned into a raging fire! I could handle the contractions, it was the back pain for me that hurt so much. I just couldn't get comfortable. Once the baby was born, all back pain was gone.



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