Can Stress Bring On Labor

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K - March 12

can getting really upset and being under a lot of stress start labor if you are in your final weeks?


DAYTONA - March 12

I was wondering the same thing..i have been stressed out alot lately..and crying because of alot of issues going around...everythime i get stressed i try not to im afraid the baby might start getting stresed out.


to K - March 13

Do you want it to? No, stress doesn't bring on labor. Hormonal stress is felt throughout pregnancy. Anxiety is felt even more toward the end of pregnancy. Health issues bring on early labor. Stress contributes more to the baby's health than anything else. But an amount of hormonal, anxious stress is normal. Don't look to stress to bring you into labor. I know we're desperate for the misery to be over & to see our babies, but that is not the answer.


erin - March 13

I read on a website somewhere that relaxation and pretty much the opposite of stress can help bring on labour. So that makes me think that stress would not induce labour. I had tons of stress and crying with my first pregnancy, and my baby was just fine so I wouldn't worry too much.


jane - March 13

I have heard something similar to what erin said. I heard that if you have allot of stress and anxiety towards the end of can cause you to go on a few more days than may have been possible w/o the stress and anxiety (hince, this could be a reason why so many first time moms go overdue with babies b/c of stress and anxiety). Its important for you and your baby to be relaxed towards the end of pregnancy.


jane - March 13

oops.....I ment to say too much stress towards the end of pregnancy (not labor)


^lucy^ - March 13

hi K and all,, from what i've read on here and everywhere else.. stress doesn't help in bringing on labor but on the contrary it might slow down things for u and might disturb the baby.. not even towards the end of pregnancy but suring the whole 9 months u shouldnt stress urself out since it has a bad effect on u as well as baby cz they feel what we feel and are very sensitive.. calm down and dont worry, ur baby will come soon when its time :) good luck


K - March 13

to the person who wrote "to k" NO i am not trying to be stressed to bring on labor!!! what an ignorant a__sumption on your part. i dont mean to be rude but we have some horrible things happening to us right now and my concern is for my baby, i know it is negatively affecting my health and i am doing my best to control everything. Daytona- I feel you, I am desperatley trying to keep calm because i am concerned for my little one. When i get really upset and cry i get really out of breath and crampy-it is scary!


Luna - March 13

Yes, it can. Stress is one of the factors that can bring on preterm labor.



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