Can T Believe I Did This

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babyotw - July 7

I know they say that being pregnant clouds your brain but mine is getting way out of hand. Yesterday I was walking out of the house and I actually tried to lock my house door by using the car lock clicker that is attached to my keychain. I am standing there like a idiot pointing my keychain towards my front door and am mashing the button like crazy. I know I pushed that thing about 4 times before I realized what I was doing. I was sooooo emabarrassed! I am constantly telling my two kids 5 and 7 to do things that don't make any sense. Like........saying that I am going to stop and get the "trash" instead of the mail from the mailbox. Or telling the kids to put their plates in the sink before they have even had a chance to eat......or telling my students(2nd grade) to go sit down when we are lined up in the hallway instead of go get back in line. (thank goodness I am out for the summer...poor kids) I am usually not like this.....but now I am constantly forgetting what I was about to say and then the person listening to me tries to refresh my memory by running down everything we have already talked about. I hope it gets better after I have my little baby. I better not get my tube of PreparationH(hemorrhoid) cream anywhere near my tube of toothpaste!


Tjane - July 7

I do the same thing. My 7 year old thinks I am going crazy... She was in the tub last night and I meant to say "hurry and wash your little b___t" but I said "hurry and eat your dinner". She looked at me like I was so stupid... Its hilarious... I reach to drink out of mustard or ketchup bottles instead of my gla__s of drink and also several times I have tried to scan my badge at the elevators at work to get the elevator to come instead of pushing the b___ton... there isnt even a place to scan the badge at the elevator but I put my badge in front of the UP b___ton and then wonder why the elevator doesnt come.... I tell my child to throw clothes in the trash when I mean the dirty clothes... As you can see, I can so relate......


Erynn21 - July 7

You know I had no brain about a month ago, I just felt so stupid I read it's the progesterone in your body. I also have heard that you better get used to it because once you have your baby your brain turns to mush. You already have two children hasn't this happened previously? I am having my first so I don't know anything I am just going by what I've read and heard. Good luck.


babyotw - July 7

Tjane- I am glad you can relate. Those are so funny! I love the bathroom one. Erynn21- I don't ever remember my brain being this screwed up with my past pregnancies! LOL! I guess it get worse with age.


Tanna - July 7

I'm sooo glad I'm not alone here! I used to tell everyone that my first two took most of my brain cells, but this one has really done me in!


skn331 - July 7

Thats soooo funny! I am laughing out loud. I too can relate. I went to make myself a gla__s of milk the other day and found a bottle of juice in the gla__ses cabinet (I am the only one home during the day, so I have a pretty good idea who put it there) I couldnt believe I actually put the juice there instead of the fridge and shut the cabinet. It was laying on its side even because there wasnt enough room to stand it up straight!


dee23 - July 8

what a cracker! this is the best thread...i havent laughed so hard in ages! ive only done silly things like put my rings on the wrong fingers, or locking my keys in the car. or yesterday my other half needed a gold coin and told him to just use the one we used for the shopping trolley when we hadent even finished using it nor walked down to the car park to get the coin out of the trolley yet....if that makes any sence...anywho, we need more replies to this still laughing here....


K8 - July 8

Well i couldnt find the walkabout phone so i pushed the b___ton so it beeps and i followed the sound and the phone was in the fridge!!!! ha ha ha i nearly wet my pants it was so funny. I still dont know who put it there but like skn331 i was the only one home so i have a sneaking suspicion i know who it was!


GLORIA - July 8

Same here...I don't know how many times I have gotten home to be carrying something in my arms only to stop on the porch and attempt to push the clicker to unlock my front door.


apr - July 8

I do silly things as well. I took the wet laundry to my kitchen last week when I was suppossed to take it and hang it on the line in the porch. And I go to get something from the fridge and then I just stand there for a few minutes until I realize that I am looking for something, and then I cant remember what. This is my first pregnancy, but I usually just laugh at myself.


venus_in_scorpio - July 9

aww! poor thing! ive done it too. im still only 2nd trimester 21 weeks - but ive caught myself trying to use my car lock clicker to open the elavator to the parking garage.... and my front door! durrrhhh! haha. i just laugh at myself and laugh at the faces DH makes at me when i do this stuff at home.


dy - July 9

ha! i do the same thing. i would tell my kindergarten students backwards things all the time. at prayer time once i said now close you hands and fold your eyes. and bless them, they did ii the right way, prayed and then laughed at me when they were done. don't worry it's not just you!



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