Can T Sleep At Night

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lenlen - June 6

I am 35 wks, and have a hard time to sleep at night, sometimes I'm out of breath and have to toss around all night but couldn't fall asleep, anyone in the same boat? I also wanna know if it will hurt the baby if I toss around alot, kinda worried here


Jamie - June 6

I'm only 30 weeks, but I cannot sleep for more than an hour at a time. I just can't get comfy - if I lay on my back, the weight of my stomach pushes down on my lungs, making it hard to breathe, and I feel like i'm getting a head rush. Can't lay on my stomach, for obvious reasons, and if I lay on either side, it feels like my stomach is pulling me over.


anne - June 6

dont ever lay on your back - its dangerous. be sure to set up pillows to avoid it as much as possible, laying on your back puts the baby on a major nerve that cuts oxygen off to you and to the baby.


monica - June 6

I am 32 weeks and cant sleep either. if its nor the weird dreams its having to get up to go to the bathroom. questions how high up do I need to have my pillows to lie on my back. I usually watch tv on my back but not comepletly flat... usually have about 2 pillows behind my back.


Rosa - June 6

I am 29 weeks and can't sleep either. I can't get comfy. I get very sleepy while at work, which isn't good.


Alisha Stinson - June 8

I also can't sleep worth a flip and I'm 37 weeks. I use a body pillow sometimes which helps with the belly weight but it's so annoying not to be able to get comfy. I think I get up 6 times a night to pee and I also have crazy dreams. I haven't had some real uninterrupted sleep in so long!! And I hear it's only going to get worse!


Saydie - June 8

I am 27 and i am there to. i have to have a pillow behind me, so i dont roll to my back, a big pillow in between my legs, and one to hold it helps, but i am still up alot.


SARAH - June 10

I think you guys have covered all the things I'm experiecing. I want so badly to get some sleep before the baby comes in 5 weeks, but I'm up all night, and yawning all day. I get hot and itchy, and have terrible heartburn. I have nightmares as well. Every night gets worse! Good luck ladies; I'm glad I'm not alone.



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