Can T Stop Coughing Please Help

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mary b - February 4

i'm 36 weeks and i have a little cold but can't stop belly muscles have even become hurting the baby by contracting my muscles while coughing? I took some cough meds the doc gave me but i don't want to keep taking it...


DDT - February 4

When I was around 33wks I had a really bad cold that involved a lot of dry coughing. I felt exactly the same as you do wondering if it was hurting my baby because eventually my stomach actually hurt when ever I coughed. But my doc said not to worry...coughing does not hurt the baby. They may just get startled or awakened. I didn't take any cold meds...I found when I knew I was going to cough to hold my belly sounds strange but it sort of helped the pain getting worse in my belly. Instead of letting the cough rack through your whole body. I don't know if this makes sense. GL.


mary b - February 4

DDT-Thank you so much for your help..i feel a lot better :)


bj - February 5

I've been the same way. It hurts my muscles to cough. I also hold my stomach when I cough, and it does seem to help some. I just keep praying that the baby doesn't come while I'm feeling so yucky. I'm 38 weeks.


KimS - February 5

Hey mary, I'm 38 wks 5 days and have had a bad cough since about 30 wks... I got rid of it for about 2 wks but it is back again with a vengence.. when I was 35 wks my ob told me he'd rather me be at least 36 wks but if I could cough myself into labour then more power to me... he said that there is no harm to the baby. I was prescribed a cough med too, I try to take it as little as possible, I end up taking it at night sometimes, I find that a hot beverage (usually tea for me) really helps to calm down my lungs... so when I am in a routine now where I will have a hot tea in the evening and this helps me to sleep better. Anyways good luck, and I wouldn't worry too much about the cough meds, they told me that at this stage of the pregnancy it's all good!!


Diann - February 8

Mary b ...have you tried .....crushed ginger, lemon juice and honey mixed together in a gla__s. not sure on the exact amounts just go with what taste best for you. I'm 31 wks and have used this mixture once before now. I usually take 4 to 5 tsp before bed cough for a bit and then am able to sleep the night thru. You can take as much of the mixture as you wan cause it's not actually medicine (from my dr). I had to take something for my cough, at one point i thought all my coughing broke my water. plus my poor baby and i were abusing one another - i coughed he kicked back. it may not taste the greatest but it's the safest : )



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