Can T Stop Eating

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LL - May 15

Okay, I’m 30 weeks pregnant and just this past weekend and today I have felt so hungry all the time. I mean like every two hours or so I feel the urge to eat and if I don’t eat anything I start to feel sick to my stomach and a little dizzy. I don’t know what’s going on. Has anyone else felt this way? Any thoughts on how to control this? I’ve already gained 21 lbs with 10 more weeks to go so I really need some control over this, but I don’t know what to do. I think I’m eating a pretty balanced diet so why is my body still hungry and giving me the urge to keep shoveling the food in?


angelbebe - May 15

Your baby is packing on the fat now and taking lots from you. This is not the time to diet (not suggesting that you will), so I wouldn't stress about it. Eat small meals frequently...will help to keep your metabolism fast so you will use that food more efficiently. You will gain more weight no matter what because your baby is gaining weight, plus amniotic fluid. Listen to your body. I was most hungry at that time too. Just make good food choices and try to stay at least moderately active. Good luck! Also try not to eat too late at night. That will help you not gain as much weight.


iakram - May 15

Hi LL my goodness can I ever feel it today! This morning at work I started with a bagel with PB&J at 11 a bananna...then at 12:30 lunch [rice and a potatoe cultet with ground beef stuffing] at 2:30 a cheese & salami sandwich..and now i'm munching on chips ahoy! cookies....i cannot stop eating!! i fear that i'm not getting enough exercise!!


krista-lee - May 15

honey, keep eating! it's the best time to eat as much as you want and have an excuse lol, its also healthy for the baby to have smaller more fequent meals then sitting down to a large one. i feel the need to eat a lot too, ive gained about 20 lbs also and i just eat whenever i feel hungry, baby gets what baby wants! lol


CyndiG - May 15

iakram, what is a potato cutlet with ground beef stuffing????? It sounds delicious!


Mellissa - May 15

LL, i am also 30 weeks and noticed that over the weekend i've been eating TONS more than normal. the funny thing is that i weigh myself everyday, and i've only put on a 1/2 pound sice my last appt (2 weeks ago). so i'm pretty sure all of this extra food that i'm eating is going mostly to the baby. if you're worried about gaining too much weight, maybe when you feel hungry you could stick to healthy snacks (yogurt, carrots, celery, stuff like that)? that might ease your mind a little bit!!! and believe me... 21 pounds is nothing. with my daughter, by this time i had already gained 35!!!! ended up gaining 50 total, and when you start out at 98 pounds it's VERY noticeable!!!


Jenn2 - May 16

Do not worry. you sound just like I did around that time. I hit a few weeks of being uncontrollably hungry. I am now 37 weeks, and its tapered off for me. My weight gain has also steadied in the last 4 to 6 weeks. I have gained 30lbs, and only have about 3 weeks left. However, I did gain most of my weight in second trimester, and very early 3rd trimester. I think your body is telling you that you need more food if you are feeling hungry. Just dont let everything you eat be junk, and you will be fine.



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