Can T Stop Smoking

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Suzanne - April 11

I have smoked through this whole pregnancy and I do feel bad about it but I was so miserable I couldn't help it. My baby is due in two weeks and he is perfect and huge - no low birthweight here! Do you really think it is going to make any difference?


Karen S - April 11

It might, they say that if your addicted to something than your baby will be too. But Im no expert so Im not sure. I have been craving a smoke so bad the past couple of days which makes me sad cause I really dont want to go back to smoking after the pregnancy. It's probably cause Im bored and just waiting for my baby to come. Anyways good luck Suzanne to you and your baby


meme - April 12

Well I've been exposed to a bit too much secondhand smoke during pregnancy, and I worry about him developing asthma or cancer. Plus, my partner smokes... and even though he's never near me whatsoever when he does, if he doesn't quit soon, our child has a greater likelihood of becoming a smoker himself just by knowing his dad smokes. That definitely bothers me.


kristie h - April 12

Hi Suzanne, I also smoked through my pregnancy ( felt bad of course) and he was 8 POUND 6! Nothing at all was wrong with him and there isnt today. He sleept through the night from day 1 So no cravings as people say the baby will have. Good luck to you!


mommietobe - April 12

Hi Suzanne, too have smoked with this pregnancy, I'm 26wks. Still trying to quit. I also smoked with my first, couldn't quit either and my son has really bad asthma. I know that a baby's risk of sids is higher when you smoke and this scares the c___p out of me. My dh is a non-smoker and doesn't realize how hard it is to quit. I will keep trying though.


dee23 - April 12

hi guys. sometimes smoking doesnt nessacarily contribute to the weight factor....though facts say it does. it really depends on the person and there history too. ive heard that weight can be hereditory, and that ur bubbies weight can range between what you and your hubbies were at birth. so, if you are a smoker, and you were a 6 pounder and hubby was a 7 pounder, u can expect a bubby around that size. i was a 8 pound 6, and hubby was a 9 pounder, so im expecting a big bubby. also with ashma (sp?) my mum never smoked when she was preggo with me, and i had sever asma til i was 7 years old. so if you had it maybe that might contribute to your bubbie? i know how hard it is to quit smoking, and if u absolutly cant, id say keep it under 5 a day, thats what my doc recommended a while ago. and maybe ask ur mum or dad about there birth weight and your childhood history, cause that can play a significant role.


dee23 - April 12

also please dont get me wrong...there is no way in hell i would condole something like this, but my hubby's best friend smoked 30 cigs a day through all 3 of her pregnancies. her bubbies were and still are, big and healthy babies born term. they are now 3, 2 and 5 months, and they put on weight really well, slept thrgouh the night, and are not overly difficult. only her first one is slow to talk and needs alittle encouragement.


mom2b2x - April 12

As much as i hate to say it i have smoked too and i am 36 weeks prego but as hard as i tried and i did try i have not been successful in quitting . i quit with my first and maybe had a pack the whole time i was prego with her. When i told my doctor that yes i was still smoking he put me on a prenatal that supports full term birth and healthy birthweight and brain function and i am so glad for that but at the same time i had a comfortable pregnancy with my daughter and i have been miserable with this one but one thing i have done is i dont buy them . my cousin lives less than a mile away and when i cant take it anymore i bum one or two from her and i just give her a couple of dollars here and there and this has helped me not to just sit around and smoke all day .... gluck


Tillie - April 12

Wow girls, this is really a depressing thread. If only low birthweight was the only concern for a baby when its mother smoked through her entire pregnancy! There is so much else to worry about, as is evident from Mommietobe, who's son has really bad asthma. (Amazing that that wasn't enough to make you quit the second time around!) It's DAMN HARD, but I quit when I got pregnant and had smoked for 12 years. I can be done! But you'll do so much for your baby if you quit now and don't smoke through his or her infancy--it really will make a huge difference.


MooBaby - April 12

Many of you who smoked are very lucky with big babies! :) But I know there is also a real concern with mother's who smoke after the baby is born. Among other things, babies whose Mommies smoke are at a higher risk for SIDS - especially if cosleeping. If you can't quit smoking, then I would suggest reading up on the threats to babies whose Moms can't quit... that way you can understand and know the risks and know what to look for in your baby as possible signs of trouble. Good luck to you and your little ones!


Rakklk - April 12

You never know. I read a article yesterday that said it could cause colic in the newborn.


Nora1 - April 12

I smoked for 15 years and quit as soon as I became pregnant. It's not always easy, but I just look at it as a sacrifice that I'm making to help my baby be as healthy as possible. There are so many things that can be wrong with children that I would hate to know that I may have contributed to something that could've possibly been prevented. I wish you girls all the luck with quitting. You can do it!


ash2 - April 12

i never have smoked while pregnant , or at all, so i dont know how hard it is to quit,however, i do know that you need to try your hardest to quit while pregnant. my husband thinks it is very rude and in considerate when someone is smoking around a baby or pregnant women. he will actually tell them to put it out !!! ( think about it, its his baby) GOTTA LOVE HIM!!


teigan - April 13

i know you will all hate me for saying this but to all of you who smoked through ALL your pregnancy, if you felt bad why didnt you give up if the baby really means that much to you and you feel bad why would you carry on knowing what you are making them take in there blood stream, just because they are a prefect weight at the birth doesnt mean years down the line something will be wrong, like me my mum and dad both smoked with me, so i had mi mam pumping it through my blood stream and mi dad giving me second hand smoke, i now how heart problems and asthma at 24... what fun, and no i dont smoke or drink.... think about your little ones you cant be feeling that guilty if you all carried on..


Kiddolebel - April 13

My mom smoked her entire pregnancy with me and I was barely 6lbs and 18 inches long. I have no other affects and im 23 tomorrow. Do I smoke? No. Have I ever? No. From what I was told too, I was a good baby. Dont worry too much about it, whats done is done. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.


tlew - April 13

I agree with Tillie. It was hard for me to stop smoking as well but I did. It seems like so far your pregnancy is going ok. but I also herd that smoking mothers put their babies at a higher risk for SIDS if they are co-sleeping. If anything you should stop now. Its never too late. good luck


sphinxminx - April 14

Your little one coming out craving a smoke lol, boy mine needs a coffee then. Anyone read the thread on drinking a gla__s of wine. No offence kind of ticked me off you have a gla__s and someone who isn't educated has the nerve to say your little one is going to have Fetel Alcohol syndrome. How about the ones that choose no medication during labor because they do not want to drug there little one. No offence but to ladies that never smoked its an addiction and half the time cannot be quit just like that. We all know the stress we are all under. Smoking for some is a stress reliever and is not just a tool to hold in your hand. We all know that person, you go out and she doesn't smoke only when she is drinking. For the record I am a non smoker who comes from a home full of smokers. Give your kids a little credit they have a better chance of not getting addicted because of new government rules. Pretty soon you won't be able to light up anywhere.



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