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FedUp - May 13

Can the doc tell if u had s_x during pregnancy? Im gonig to be 36 weeks and have been in early labor for some time now and the doc told me he wont stop labor now but he wont induce.. so im in this horrible pain and nothings happening.. i was going to try s_x but on the list of things not to do they said no s_x. Think they could tell?


TO Fed UP - May 13

If they said to not have s_x then I wouldn't...I'd wait at least another 2 weeks until you hit the end of your 37th week or the beginning of your 38th to have s_x as a method of induction...thta way your baby will be full term so if they are born, it's fine. Right now it is still too early so hang on for another 2 weeks. Take care.


I almost forgot - May 13

No, I don't think they'll be able to tell specifically. But if they are looking for s____n then that's something different altogether.


Kristin - May 13

I know how badly you must want this baby out, but you have already gone 36 weeks, What is 2 more weeks? It could be a risk to your unborn child and if the doc says no s_x, then no s_x. Thats why he gets paid the big bucks!!!! **HUGS**


ES - May 13

I would try nipple stimulation if it were me. That is supposed to do a great job and there would be no sperm. I personally would wait until atleast the end of 37 weeks though.


tara - May 13

at 36weeks you still have 4 more to go - I would suggest waiting a couple of more weeks 'till the baby is more developed. The lungs are one of the last things to be developed and if your baby is born too ealry there might be slight breathing problems. I don't mean to scare you, but that's what happened to one of my friend's baby who was born 4 weeks early and had a little bit of breathing problems in the first few weeks - he is fine now. But we were all scared that it may not go away. So I would wait! I know it's hard but whats a nother couple of weeks?


Fedup - May 13

Thanks everyone, im gonna try to wait. its just hard cuz im dialated and im contracting, just not that frequent or anything so they just told me to take tylenol..i wanted to shove tylenol down their throats .. angry pregnant girl, not good


Jill - May 13

To fed up I was exactly like you in early painful labor for like 5 weeks but my cervix never changed I tried everything too well had my little boy may 3rd he was due april 26th I was so angry everytime I was sent home from the hospital, every remedy I tried to get labor started didn't change my cervix just lots of pain so hang in there I know how it feels like your going crazy



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