Can This Pregnancy Get Any WORSE

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crystal74 - February 13

sounds like leg cramps and they are the worst. i have woken up with a few myself and it hurts so bad it makes me cry. then my muscle in my calf is sore for a couple days after. my dr. told me to eat a couple tums before i go to bed. calcium will help prevent those. and my mama always told me to eat lots of bananas to help prevent leg cramps from the pota__sium. but orange juice also has a lot of pota__sium. i hope it gets better for you my dear.i am 38 weeks and since around 30 weeks i have been sick of it too but it'll all be worth it when you see your little one looking in your eyes. i can't wait. sorry it's so tough for you right now. the ma__sage thing sounds good. make sure your stretching too.


Tink07 - February 13

I have been eating a lot more bananas latley maybe that's why I have not gotten leag cramps in while. Worth a shot you should try it. Plus bananas are a lot cheaper than the ma__sage


xoxticiaxox - February 13

Hey, this is getting ridiculous lol! I dont know if it is calcium for me because to think about it, last night before I went to bed I took 3 tums pills, and that was the FIRST night I have ever gotten the cramps! They are horrid though...Maybe my bby will be nice and come a bit early...not premature...just not 40 weeks lol! Im glad Im not the only one whos fed up...I didnt want to be a bad mum before she is even born lol! Thank you all for all of your suggestions...I am definitly going to try the bannans thing, and I might even try the ma__sage thing if the bannanas dont work! hehehe Oh well! its better than morning sickness right....NO WAYY! lol


xoxticiaxox - February 13

Oh and by the way tink, YAYYY for your good doc appointment...dont have to much fun on that bike now lol!


crystal74 - February 13

just be careful cuz if your like me, bananas will plug you up and make you constipated. no fun!!! LOL. that's why i mentioned orange juice too. i also found some low sugar,low calorie orange juice in stores.


Gretta - February 14

My med sheet says to take Os-Cal 500 (in the vitamin section) for leg cramps too.


SammyStar - February 14

Magnesium will sort out the leg cramps ladies!


Maggie - February 14

Girl I feel your pain. I have been plagued with leg cramps most of my adult life, and mine is from poor circulation. Increase your calcium intake. I also ma__sage my calves at night before I go to sleep, and I sleep with a pillow under my legs, not in between, under. Stay way from wearing flip-flops and heals, try to stick with a good tennis shoe, or bare/stocking feet. Try to keep from crossing your legs/feet, and try to rest with your legs elevated. If you get another cramp here's what you can do, but remember that it will be painful-When you feel the pain flex your foot and rub your calf hard. As soon as the pain starts to subside stand up and try to walk. What happens is that your calf muscle gets atrophied from lack of circulation. Unfortunately there is no pain killer you can take, pregnant or not to stop that pain. The only way to alleviate the pain is to get your blood circulating to your legs. I hope that this helps you. Good Luck!


Tink07 - February 14

Hey xoxticiaxox! I have gotten out of bed three times now today to ride my bike for 10 minutes at time. It was rather comical trying to ride with my big gut getting in the was. That and I had to go so slow. But I am happy to say my sugar levels have been normal all day!!!!!! Guess that means I won't be getting a box of chocolates for Valentines day......Next year I am so making up for all the holiday goodies I missed out on!!! Hope the doc will be happy and not make me take insuline for a week. I can't belive my little guy is going to be here in 11 days. How are the leg cramps? Has anyones advice helped?



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