Can We Give Our Boys The Same Name

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Lyssa - May 1

We named our first child Anthony Matthew. My husband liked Anthony and I love Matthew. Unfortunately no one uses his middle name. Can we name our second son Matthew?


mandy~ - May 1

you can do whatever you want aslong as you dont call him apple


Jenn... - May 1

I don't think that you should use the same name. You can, I have heard of other people that have done so. I just don't think you should. Anthony might someday decide to go by his middle name for whatever reason. Maybe he will have a best friend, coworker, or brother in law named Anthony. For whatever reason it is good to have the middle name available should he decide to use it. Also, for your second son, it kind of takes away from him if you do not come up with a name that is just his.


Lynn - May 2

Absolutely! In my family (including extended of about 200 total) there are about 5 names for the boys & everyone intechanges these and creates different nicknames.. it's pretty cool. I have an uncle that is George Richard and his brother is Richard George. One that is Robert Charles and the other is Charles Robert. It become kind of a family tradition. If mine is a boy, he will be Charles Richard.


Jamie - May 9

My oldest aunt is named Mary Debra; my mother is Mary Yvonne. Everyone calls my aunt Debbie, and my mom Mary. Plus, we've got a billion gazillion Davids, Kevins, James/Jamies, Roberts, Bobs, Toms, Jons, Kathys, Katies, etc. So - go for it! They'll have their own personalities, regardless.


jilly - May 13

I don't know...wondering if people would make fun of him, like he got a hand-me-down name?????


Amber K - May 13

I think thats a sweet idea. How about Matthew Anthony? I have a friend named Stephanie Nicole her brothers name is Steven Cole (they have different last names tho) it make for a few jokes but if you've got the personality to say "so what" then I say go for it. Who knows maybe if they look enough alike they can confuse a few teachers!! No matter what your little boys name is I am sure that he can make it his own.


Lyssa - May 16

Thank you all for your comments!


Fabienne - May 16

Oh yes - I don't see any problems if you called your other son Matthew :) It's a pretty name - we're going to call our son Matthew :))))


KiKi24 - May 22

Ya sure I think its fine. cute names.


m - May 23

maybe you can name the second one matthew anthony???



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