Can You Asked To Be Induced On Your Due Date

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kari15 - June 28

I'm due July 31st and would LOVE to have the baby on that date...not just because I'm tired of being pregnant...but the day has so much special meaning in my family.....for starters it's my late grandmother's b-day, their anniversery, and my fiance's grandmothers it selfish or harmful to the baby if i want this?


krc - June 28

sure you can ask but that doesn't mean they will do it. Remember, your due date is based on your LMP. So it's is a good guess to give you a time frame when the baby might arrive. What is the due date is off. Im sure you already know but my opinion is you should let your baby come when he is ready, after mother nature has completed every last little detail. Don't stop that process for the sake of a date on a calendar !!!! My due date is aug 2. My dad's birthday is aug 3, my aunt's b-day is also aug 3, there is another reason aug 3rd is special for me but tats personal. I would love my little man to arrive on aug 3rd but if he doesn't then oh well !!!! I don't think you are being selfish but I wouldn't risk tampering with mother nature unless you or baby's life was n danger !!! Besides, as special as these dates are to us.....our babies will make a new day special !


ARD - June 28

Kari15, from what I understand the doctor will ONLY induce you if there is a problem or if your cervix is "favorable" or "ripe".....see I'm almost 37 weeks and not dialated but 50% effaced, and my doctor is going to be on vacation leaving two days before my due date for a whole week! I'm freaking out about it because I want him to deliver my baby, so I asked about induction. Well, he said ONLY if my cervix is ready - but otherwise induction should never be pushed. Hope that helps.


Been There - June 28

Maybe it will happen coincidentally, but it may not be good to force the issue. Besides, whatever day your child is born on will now have special meaning for you too. If it's another day, it will still be a special day for you to remember.



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