Can You Get Soooo Emotional B C Of Pregnancy That

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very worried - August 24

is it normal to feel so emotional that you get to the point where you think you don't love hubby anymore?? For some reason i get very frustrated with him and i don't know why I ask myself if maybe I don't love him like I used to?


Hi - August 24

Yes, you can. I know I have been very very mean to my husband and seems to get on my nerves even when he isn't doing anything. I have to tell myself its just the hormones. I tend to just rip him a new one for nothing. Actually it's pretty normal just to be plain old mean while pregnant. Your body is changing, if you are like me you are nervous about becoming a mommy. All this leads to a little instability on my part for sure. Luckily, he is very forgiving and I usually apologize for being so crazy. I have terrible mood swings, but he seems to take them all in stride. Go check out the New Daddy section here, you will see some posts from men who don't believe their wives love them anymore.


Audrea - August 24

I actually get so emotional sometimes and I wonder why I ever married my husband in the first place. It does go away though when he actually does something sweet or thoughtful without me having to ask him.


very worried - August 24

gosh, i hope it does go away.. I feel terrible when I feel like this..I am like "Why am I having a baby with a person I don't even love?" he is just so sweet most of the time..and then I feel guilty b/c he is so great and there is so many bad hubby's out there...but then sometimes I do feel like I love him so much specially when he does something cute and he doesn't even know it :) ohh I really hope this goes away after the baby :)


C - August 24

Boy, I am glad I am not the only one. He absolutely drives me bonkers sometimes. I have wanted to smack him at times! But then, I get over it and realize that he is a good man (for the most part- LOL) and that I need to get a grip. My only really big worry is how things are going to be after the baby is born. I hear that not only are your hormones are totally out of whack but you're sleep deprived on top of it. I am afraid that he won't help out enough or do something stupid and then I'll really b__w my stack. Anyone else?


Nicole - August 24

To C truth is he probably won't be doing as much as you, and yes it is going to p__s you off sometimes. Even though we are crazy while pregnant, it doesn't really end until you get past the postpartem depression. Hopefully it won't be too bad. For months I thought I was a horrible mother because I didn't spend enough time with my baby and my house wasn't spotless. The first part was really silly because I stay home with the baby, but I was convinced I should be doing more. All my baby wanted to do was sleep as they all do at first. I was sure it was because I was boring her out of her mind! As for the second part my house was NEVER spotless, my husband is a bit sloppy. Before becoming pregnant I could go around picking up behind him, after baby I was too tired and whats more I didn't FEEL like it. I think my case was mild and most women go through some form. So don't be alarmed if your moodiness doesn't go away immediately after giving birth.


fiona - August 24

I usualy make small talk to the lady who does my nails, what do you say to the lady who is waxing your cooch? How do you even fall into that line of work?


curious - August 24

fiona where you trying to post in another thread?? lol!


pbj - August 24

Hormones are a powerful thing.



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