Can You Go Back To Breech From Being Head Down

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pregnantjackie - August 2

a couple of months ago my baby was head down (I saw on an ultrasound) and has stayed that way it possible to have the baby turn back to breech this late? His hiccups always came from the lower right area and now they are coming from the middle of my belly :-/


slackette - August 2

I sometimes feel hiccups on other parts of my belly and I know my baby is head down. I think that now that they are getting bigger, we can feel thier whole body spasm with the hiccup. Next time you go to the Dr you can ask if the baby is still head down. They can tell by feeling your belly. That should put your mind at ease....GL!


kimberly - August 2

It is possible. My sister went in for induction for her son and 2 days before he was head down on the ultrasound. Half way through the induction they realized she wasn't dilating because he was breech. She had to have a c-section.


DeeD - August 2 has happened in all three of my last pregnancies...


pregnantjackie - August 3

I guess you can't dilate when the baby is breech, and I was 2cm a couple weeks ago. DeeD were you dilated when it happened to you? Did you have to have a c-section? I am pretty sure I am still dilating, ...from what I can feel of my cervix it feels like it is a lot more dilated than before and I have been getting the same pains that I had when I was dilating to a 2...


hrsmith - August 3

supposedly my baby was head down but unfortunately I was induced and labored for 10 hours and when i reached 4cm they felt his b___t!!! some have asked me if i felt some big major movement with the baby, but i never did.


lqtoo - August 3

You can definitely still dialate when the baby is breech - it may just depend on the baby's position. In a frank breech (where the bum presents first and the feet are tucked up by the baby's ears), the bum acts just like the head would, and engages the cervix and causes dialation. In many countries around the world (although not often the States), doctors deliver babies who are in a frank breech position without any problems. In some other breech positions (when baby is sideways or a foot is dangling down), it is much harder for the baby to engage properly. These breech positions will almost always end in c-section. Although it is possible for your head-down baby to turn breech suddenly before birth, it is not too common. Only 3-4% of babies are breech. Once your baby is head-down late in pregnancy, chances are that's how they are going to stay due to limited room to move and the fact that the head is the heaviest part of the body and therefore hard for baby to lift up again once wedged down in your pelvis.


BriannasMummy - August 3

Oh yes its definatly possible for your baby to turn breach this late in the game. I had a dd in December and in the last couple of weeks she went from transverse, to breech to heads down to transverse again. The hiccups is what really threw me off.. and when i thought i was feeling her bum.. it was definatly her head. I ended up having a c section because she wouldnt stay in position. I was going for a VBAC.. but she had other idea in mind. Good luck with everything. ~Kristin~


MrsShelton217 - August 3

You can deffinately still dilate w/ a breech baby. Yes, babies can still turn back into a breech, or transverse position after being head down. My friend was scheduled for a c-section a few weeks ago b/c the baby was breech, and when she got to the hospital they did an ultrasound to make sure he was still breech.... well, he had turned and was head down. Then they decided to just induce her and let her try a v____al delivery. Well, about 2 hours into the induction, he flipped again and was breech. She had a section.


pregnantjackie - August 3

Wow...isn't it dangerous to go into labor if the baby is breech? Or is it not common to go into labor on your own with a breech baby?


lqtoo - August 3

I sure as hell hope it isn't lo is breech and is wedged firmly in my pelvis, so the doctors don't think she'll be able to turn. I have a c-section scheduled at 41 weeks, so there is a chance that I may go into labour before the section. All my dr said was that at the first signs of labour I have to haul a** to the hospital ;-). I am sure I will be known as "Mrs. False Labour" by the hospital staff by the time this is all over.


BriannasMummy - August 3

When I was in that position I was told that there was a huge increased risk when going into labor with a baby either breech or transverse. Sometimes the baby can get themselves down very quickly and labor with a breech baby isnt good. Also when they are in those positions they have a huge chance of falling onto their cord and cutting off their life supply. I had to have fetal a__sessment every week along with a doctors appointment every single week in my third trimester to make sure everything was AYE OKAY. ~Kristin~


pregnantjackie - August 4

I am SO confused...I am having trouble breathing AND pressure on my I don't know if the baby is low, high, or just big! I also feel little kicks coming from everywhere!



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