Can You Register For Too Much

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Laurabelle - December 16

Can you register for too much? We registered at ToysRus/BabiesRus. Not only did we put the necessities, but we also added a lot of books, toys, and educational videos that can be used through the first year. Is there such thing as registering for too much? I am afraid of not having all the necessities and winding up with all the other stuff. But I guess if that happens I can exchange things if need be. But having so much stuff on our registery also makes it long and confusing! What do you all think? Especially those of you that have has your showers already. Thanks in advance!


Lory - December 16

Hi Laurabelle! I am 38 wks. and I registered at BabiesRus also. I made the mistake of doing it too early in the pregnancy. Like, when we first found out...LOL! I put way too much stuff on there, and the biggest mistake was that alot of the stuff I registered for then is unavailable now. Especially stuff like clothes. I am just now having my shower this Saturday, so we'll see what all I get. When I saw that alot was unavailable, I went online and registered at Target also for some necessities. I don't think I put too much stuff on the BabiesRus registry necessarily, but I just got carried away, and put too much too fast. I should have waited until closer to the shower date. Good luck! I figure things can be exchanged also, good idea!


to Laurabelle - December 16

The purpose of a registry is to sign up for the things you NEED, not just WANT.. If you signed up for a book or video and then plan to return it, then why did you sign up for it in the first place? I know for my registry I signed up for tons of stuff, but it is all stuff that I will end up buying if I don't get it at my shower. The only thing I stayed away from registering for is clothes. It always seems that people will buy the outfits that they think are cute or on sale elsewhere.


Crystal - December 16

Hi, I had my baby shower last month, and my tip is sign up for the main things you need! I signed up for some important things, and some not so important things (books, toys, etc). And for my shower, I got TONS of toys and books and all, but I barely got anything I actually need!! If I could go back, I would have just put important things and only a couple little things, that way if they buy off the registry it would have to be something I needed. Me and my boyfriend had to go to Babies R Us and spend tons of money getting all the necessary stuff. So if I were you I'd defenitely put some of that unnecessary "cute" stuff, but just a little bit...stick to the basics.


Crystal - December 16

Also...I wouldn't put too many clothes, because almost every single person gave some kind of outfit along with there gift (not on the registry)...I don't think my baby will ever get to wear all his :)


Ginny - December 16

Since people are buying things for you out of their own generosity, it's generally considered proper etiquette to only register for things you'll need, then allow them to add to that if they so choose. Also, just as a tip, some older fashion people tend to be offended by a long registry because they think it comes accross as a "gimme" plea. Not trying to be a downer, that's just my experience!


Chris - December 17

I registered at BabiesRus too and mine came out to 13 pages. I started with all the things I needed but then felt like I did not give the people on a lower budget many options so I picked some clothes and toys too. I have very little for the baby right now so I'll be grateful for any gift.



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