Canada Baby Deliveries

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jenna32 - October 10

Does anybody know if you have to pay for delivery of your baby in canada or if it is covered by ohip? i heard they do charge you like $4000 unless your workplace insures you for it and then i heard they don't charge you from others.


chickiepoo9 - October 10

the only thing you have to pay for is the hospital room it can range from 50-150 a night here i am in saskatchewan depending on what one you choose and if you have blue cross or work insurance they will reimburse you for the room charge as well so with my son it didnt cost me anything and this one wont either!


inuk-mama - October 10

when my dd was born my dad paid for a private room so I could be alone with her, it would have been all free if i had chose a semi private, that was in alberta. Now I live in the Northwest Territories, and when I had ds last year I got a private room, no charge. So I have never paid for hospital rooms and stay there for two nights after delivery. Oh I do have blue cross but it's only for prescriptions and no work insurance so I think it may be depending where you live????


inuk-mama - October 10

what is OHIP?


jenna32 - October 10

oh i'm sorry, i forgot to mention that i live in ontario. ohip stands for ontario health insurance plan. i hope what everyone so far is saying is also true for ontario!


redmondsky - October 10

Baby delivery is covered by OHIP in Ontario. There are some things that are not covered (and it also depends upon the hospital)...circ_mcision is not covered, private rooms generally are not covered (although in some rural communities they are), if you go to the hosptial's official website where you are delivering and visit the birth unit section - they normally have rates per night for private rooms etc...BUT c-sections, VBAC births and aftercare are covered! We live in Ontario too!


WP - October 10

Yup. It's all covered except for the private room. Actually, I was wondering if semi-private rooms are covered too. I don't think they are. I know the wards are, but you usually get bumped into a semi-private because the wards are full.


jenna32 - October 10

thanks,this is such a relief because my bf switched jobs and i don't think he has full benefits anymore! My mom told me they'd charge us, maybe it just wasn't covered back in the day when she had us.


BriannasMummy - October 10

I dont know about Ohip exactly but I live in New Brunswick Canada and the birth of both of my babies were covered. On the hospital admittance papers they gave information on private, semi private, and ward rooms. The only thing that is covered is ward.. but they usually put you in semi private.. and both of the times I was in for my dd's I had the room all to myself.. (might have had something to do with me having a c section though). Either call the particular hospital or go to the webpage.. it should have all the info you need. ~Kristin~


Stephanie_31 - October 11

OHIP covers pretty much everything. All you have to pay for is the TV (if you want it hooked up) and a private room if you want one. Luckly I live in a small city. In my hospital there are 10 -12 , 2 person rooms but there are not usually 2 people in them. On BTW I stayed 3 nights. Had her on a Thursday and when home on Sunday, not a penny was spent.



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