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ChannY - June 12

I don't know why I post it on to this board but *embarassed look*..I can't find a forum for this..anyway, are there any canadian teen mums out there? I'm from Saskatchewan, Canada, 19 yrs old and have a 14 months old dd. If so, add [email protected] ...I feel like i'm the only canadian chick here..hehe sorry!


torbman - June 12

Hi Channy, I am a Canadian Chick too. lol. I live in Ontario though and am 32. I know there are lots of women here that are canadian. Krista lee I believe is a young women from Newfoundland. Not sure about the rest but I know there is more. She just stuck out becasue I just read her story lastnight. I am sure you will find more. Take Care (Tamara)


SuzieQ - June 12

I live in Victoria, B.C - but am not a teen mom at 28 yrs old :)


Tanya2 - June 12

I live outside of Toronto, I'm 26 yrs, have and 8 and a half month old daughter and got pregnant again (although I was exclusively b___stfeeding), I'm due Sept 2nd, and my two babies will be 11 months apart. I'm sure there are more of us Canadians here. Maybe we can keep this post going.


GraphxGirl - June 12

I am 27 from New Brunswick :) I have a 7 year old daughter and a baby boy due July 13th... nice to meet you all !!


Mingill - June 12

Hi, I'm not a teen - 30 years old, but I'm definately Canadian. I live in the nation's capital, good ol' Ottawa. My wee one is due Sept. 8.


Roxy - June 12

Hello, I am from Saskatchewan as well. So you must have been rained on all weekend too. I am due September 5th with my third baby. I have an 11 year old by and a 3 year old girl.


ChannY - June 12

Roxy, yep here in Regina,...ughh..i hate rain!!!! well...haha why did I say teen? I meant to say anybody from bad *embara__sed look*. Well hehe thanks god I aint the only one!!


yourtrish - June 12

Trish here, 26, 28 weeks from Montreal. I too was looking for a Canadian site, but never found one that seemed alive. Good to hear from all you ladies...


Noms - June 12

Hey, I am Canadian also, I'm 25 years old and I am from Toronto. This is my first baby and I am due July 24th


Jade - June 12

Hey all. I am 24 yrs old and 26 wks preg with my first (its a boy). I am due Sept 18.


Jade - June 12

Oh yeah and (duh) I am from Edmonton, AB. Go Oilers!


Tanya2 - June 12

looks like a lot of us are on here, one thing we can be grateful for is our wonderful free medicare system. We are very lucky, also our one year Mat leave can't beat any others. Go Canada Go.


jenrodel - June 12

Hello! I'm from Vancouver BC, I'm 26... my first baby is due October 5th!!


ChannY - June 12

yay keep it coming:D:D nice to meet all of ya'lls! ohh and to the mummys to be, congrats!! tanya2, i agree with the free medicare..woot!


dedaa - June 13

Hello I just came across this thread nice to see that there are lots of canadians on here we seem outnumbered. I am living in Newfoundland mother of two boys and awaiting a third but not due till next year so I am a little behind everyone. Hope you don`t mind me budding in.LOL


Roary - June 13

I am from Atlantic Canada and having my first baby (a boy) in just about 3 weeks--I hope!!



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