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January - November 10

Hi all.. Got home last night from the hospital... what an ordeal!!!! Candle was born on Wed. Nov. 7th at 719am, weighing 5lbs 12oz., 18 1/2" long. Long story short, I was admitted on Oct. 30th with low fluid and protein in my urine.. I was there for 5 days. They did numerous tests and then sent me home telling me that the protein in my urine was 146 and it has to be at least 300 to induce. They wanted me to check my bp at home twice a day and call them if it was high. That was last Sat. that they sent me home. I was home all day Sunday.. then Monday morning 11/5, I took my bp and I was 178/111. I called my Dr office and told them. They wanted me to be seen that morning at 1015. So, I went to my appt but I brought all my stuff with me from my last stay at the hospital because I had a feeling I might be admitted again. When I got there they didn't even take me into a room, they just told me to go over to L&D, that I was going to be induced and that they had tried to call me that morning to tell me but I'd already left for my appt and gave me my chart to take with me. I looked in my chart and it said IOD which stands for Induction Of Delivery and the reason for it was "protein greater than 1g" which means that when they sent me home 2 days before, my urine protein wasn't 146... it was actually over 1000!!!!!!! So, I went into the hosp Monday.. I was having contractions on my own every 3 to 5min. I was still 1cm and 40% effaced, which I had been since Oct. 30th. They decided to try pitocin to get the contractions going and hopefully get me to dialate. The pitocin was started at 3pm and got my contractions to 1-1 1/2min apart.. but after 6hrs of this, I was still 1cm.. so, they decided to try cervadil which has to stay in for 12hrs .. after 12hrs of cervadil, you guessed it.. 1cm and 40% effaced. So, now it's tues. night, 7pm and they started talking about cytotek. I asked them if it was safe because of how we've all learned it's not FDA approved. They said they have been using it for over 10yrs at the hosp and have never had a problem, so I decided it was ok. They started that at 730pm Tues. night.. they can readminister every 4hrs. So, at 1130pm they checked me.. still 1cm and not any more effaced than before. They inserted more.. at 330am Wed. they checked me... AGAIN.. no change!! I could have cried!!! I was seriously wondering if I was heading for a c section.. but no one mentioned it. They decided at 330am to start pitocin again and see if that would do anything. They gave me morphine and phenergan as a shot in the butt to help me sleep. I slept from 330am to 450am. We had to stop the pitocin because Candle wasn't tolerating it, her heartrate kept decelling. So, for a while we were stopping all indcution methods. I woke up.. contractions still coming and showing on the monitor.. but other than that no real changes. I STILL wasn't in labor.. they don't consider you IN labor until you are 3 to 4cm dialated, more than 60% effaced and contractions that are regular.. if you dont' have ALL of the above, you aren't IN labor. I laid down again and around 6am I was laying there.. and felt a lil pop.. and something "slither" out.. I mentioned it to my nurse.. and went to the bathroom and saw a lil blood. She told me maybe my membranes had ruptured. About 615 the dr came and checked me.. she said she couldn't say if my membranes had ruptured or not and that I was STILL at 1cm with NO CHANGE! A few minutes later I was having a lot of pain in the tops of my legs.. like charlie horses. If I was standing, my legs were actually shaking. I told the nurse and she asked if I wanted tylenol. I said ANYTHING because it was really uncomfortable. She went out of the room and came back and I was kind of whimpering. She was like tylenol isn't going to cover it is it.. and I said prob not. She went to go ask the dr if I could have something more. So, the dr came in and said I could have 5mg of morphine IV but she had to check me before they could give it to me because it's policy before any IV pain meds are given.. even though she'd JUST checked me 20-30min before. She said there was no way I could have an epidural because I was STILL NOT in labor.. so, she started checking me. At first she said no change, then she said oh we have a lil bit of progress.. then "actually quite a bit of progress".. while I was being checked, I told her I felt like I needed to push, she was shocked and said "you do?" and I said yes.. and she said I could give it a try.. they weren't set up.. because I "wasn't in labor".. I gave a push.. ONE push and I had my baby girl!!!! The dr was shocked.. the nurse came in and the dr was pulling out my baby lol. Once the contractions moved to my legs, they were no longer being picked up on the monitor.. so it looked as though I wasn't having any. She's gorgeous.. tons of hair! I was 37wks and 1 day.. she's now 3 days old. She is a lil jaundiced and she went from 5lbs 12oz at birth to 4lbs 15oz at discharge last night. I had to take her to the dr today to be weighed and she is up to 5lbs 3.4oz and her bilirubin (jaundice level) is up as well so visiting nurses are coming Mon. to check on her. I'm br___tfeeding but because of her weightloss, they are having me supplement with 10-15cc of formula after each feeding at least through the weekend til my milk comes in because we need to get her weight up a lil more.. at least to birth weight. I had pictures done at the hospital yesterday before we left. I'll post when they are up on web nursery. She's a doll.. I couldn't have made it through my pregnancy without all of you!!


HeavenisMine - November 10

Wow January, birth stories like these never cease to amaze and frighten me! It really seemed as though you were headed for a c section (thank God that didn't happen!) It scares me because I have been at 1 ct. for awhile! Ha ha but every woman is different,, I am just so happy to hear your baby is here, and I am certain with proper care she will get bigger and stronger. I imagine she is beautiful, and is just what you need right now. We were all rooting for you! Congratulations!!


Mrs.Steve - November 10

Wow! What a birth story! Congrats, January, I'm so excited for you! Alyssa had jaundice, too. She went from her birth weight of 8lbs to 7lbs 9oz in 2 days, and they had me supplement with formula as well. She's 2 weeks old now and has exceeded her birth weight. How are you feeling? Isn't the Forever AF delightful, LOL? I'll bet you're just over the moon being able to look at your little girl. Can't wait to see pictures! Congrats again!!


DaBonkElsMe - November 10

OMG January, I am so happy for you! That is one crazy birth story! I can't beleive it was like you were never truly IN labor - as you put it- and with one solid push, out came your baby! I bet she's beatiful! Can't wait to see her pics. Congratulations, and enjoy yourlittle girl!


Tan - November 10

WOW!! CONGRATULATIONS JANUARY!!!!!!!!!!!! you went through a lot!! I would love to see pics.. post them on piczo! Good luck! and Get well soon!! : D


staci - November 10

January I have been waiting impatiently to hear from you lol! Congratulations girl! I am so happy You and Candle are doing soooo well! AND HOLY COW! That was some push you gave lol! What a wonderful out come to such a long ordeal! How is ds handling her? I bet he is being sooooo great! Has your grandman been over helping? Anyway, soooo d__ned happy for you January! Love ya!


staci - November 10

uh yeah, meant Grandma, not grandman lol!


HeavenisMine - November 10

Grandman was cla__sic staci!:)


docbytch - November 10

Hey January...I am just glad you didn't have the same problems crop up during this delivery as your last one. It sounds like your medical team may have misinterpreted your digital exams? Just seems so...fantastical that they would think you were NOT in labor...and then POW. I am glad it's done for you!! It's the best feeling...being on the other side of birth!


staci - November 10

thanks Heaven I thought so to lol!!!!!


angie m - November 10

CONGRATULATIONS! WOW what a birth story. Like Staci I was very impatiently waiting to hear how everything went. I am so glad that you finally progressed even if it was way quicker then would have been expected. After so long at 1cm I am sure you were quit worried. It is great that you finally have little Candle in your arms. I can't wait to see pictures of her. : )


jennifer_33106 - November 10

WOW!! Congrats on your baby!!!


LinLaceie - November 11

CONGRATULATIONS!! So glad to hear you and Candle are doing well. you had us worried! i can't wait to see pics!!


josie4 - November 11

CONGRATS! What a story! One push, wow! I'm glad they didn't do a c-section but let you labor (or not labor according to them, lol). I'm so glad everything turned out well. Congrats again!


Anathi - November 12

Hi Jan I'm so glad for you and the wonderfull outcome. Oh so cute mannnnn oh let anone the long story My last birthing experience was as long as yours with not outcome but, I was ready for anything even c-section I glad you made it. Oh no I'm getting scared now!


margie - November 12

Oh january, you went through so much for this little girl! I'm so happy that you finally have her safely in your have helped me so much throughout this pregnancy and it makes me so happy to see that even with all those complications with the hospital everything had a good outcome. i cant wait to see pictures of Candle!


babylove4 - November 12

CONGRATS!!!!! January what wonderful news!! Cant wait to see her pics!! How is the big brother doing? I bet He's just as happy....Blessing to You all January : )



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