Cant Eat Well Anyone Else

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nounou159 - January 12

Hi,this my first time to join that forum..i am 32 weeks now and i just start to eat from like10 weeks only coz before that i spent my first 5 month cant eat or drink anything vomiting all the time and i loose like 20 pounds so my doctor decide to put me on the pick line(which is put in my arm catheter reach my stomach from inside and but the food and vitamins and everything my body need in it because if i eat from my mouth i vomit)i spend a month with it and its a very hard time for me,but after that i start to eat but not that much and i start to gain weight but i cant eat any kind of vegetables or fruits,also i cant eat any kind of sweets i just eat rice,pasta,meat and i want to know if there is anyone like me and if that is bad for the baby i am really feel that i didn't eat any kind of healthy food ?


Gretta - January 12

I have had bad nausea the whole pregnancy and not much of an appet_te. After your pick line your stomach is probably shrunk which doesn't help your appet_te so try eating a lot of little snacks all day. Yougurt- milk-cereal...Bowls of cereal has been good for what you can throughout the day and don't force big meals. Your little one will be okay. Hang in there!!!


MB - January 12

Hi, i didnt have anything as bad as you but i know how you feel about food, i eat a lot of carb rich foods, cant stand vegetables and very little fruit, plus my appet_te has totally diminshed so i am only really eating small amounts and thats only for baby. The end is near !!!


nounou159 - January 14

thanks Gretta and MB,hope all of us be fine soon


Lia - January 15

I haven't been eating as well during this trimester. I always feel full and if I eat on top of that feeling..I usually throw up. My doctor recommended I try some protein/energy bars or energy drinks like 'Ensure' to boost my caloric intake. I'm sure your baby will be just fine and since you had a pick line put in..I'm sure they are monitoring you closely. Eat when and what you can!



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