Cant Help But Feel ANGRY

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xoxticiaxox - February 9

Today my hubby told me he is going to his friends house (like he has everyday since he moved back to his mothers)! But today when he told me hes going there, I got mad and angry and jelous and I dont know! Why does HE get to go out and have fun with his freinds, while I am at home sick and not able to sleep! Im the one carrying the baby and suffereing, and hes out having all this fun! I know how unreasonable this sounds, considering even if he did stay home, I would not have seen him anyways...but I just feel so agravated by it!? Am I the only one?


cindernar - February 9

I would be irritated as well, especially if it became an everyday thing.


candaceann1 - February 9

My husband is a mature adult. I am fortunate that he puts his family first. I dont think we would still be together after 12 years if he ever acted like that.


ejmeskan - February 9

xoxticiacox- is this your first baby? If it is- I think it is very hard for him to adjust as well as you. This is by no means any excuse but I would be irritated as well. But I don't think that he totally gets it. As Candaceann mentioned my husband is a mature adult, mine is as well- but this is our first baby and I think it may take some time for them to understand that it isn't right for them to get to go out while you stay home. I think you have every right to be angry. My advice would be to sit down with him when you are not upset (I get myself in to much trouble and end up yelling to the point of not making sense) and let him know how it makes you feel. Good Luck. i am sure that can't be fun.


xoxticiaxox - February 9

I wish it was just as easy as talking to him! Hes hard headed, I have tried before, if its not this freind, its another! And I dont at all want to keep him from his freinds...but why is he allowed and Im not? Its not fair...and hes STILL not back almost 4 hours later! Grrrrrrrr, the more I think about it the more I wanna b__w! lol!


crystal74 - February 9

i would be irritated too if my husband did this, oh wait he does do it. and by the time he gets home i'm in such a bad mood cuz i've been thinking about it the whole time he's been gone. This is our first after 6 years of being together and were a young couple we like to go out a lot. but since i've been pregnant of course that has changed. He still bugs me once in a while to go out with the guys, although i let him, i do not believe this is fair and i've told him this over and over again. we both decided to get pregnant, therefor we are in this together and need to support each other 100% on this. and i don't think going out and drinking or partyin with his buddy's is being supportive. i tell him we're both pregnant a$$hole


Tammy276 - February 9

I guess I am the only one that has a different view than the rest of you......You may not think its fair, and you may be irritated, buy your BF's/DH's still have friends and should be allowed to hang out with them once in a while...I agree not all the time, but why not once in a while? My husband is going to Bucks games all the time and drinking and having fun w/ his buddies while he is there, and is usually gone for at the least 6 hours at a crack... And we have a 2 yr old, so that leaves me 33 weeks pregnant at home taking care of my son. I still manage to get out with the girls once in a while, yeah, I can't drink right now, but we still get out and go out to dinner or something and my husband and I have the understanding that he is going out having fun right now, so after the baby comes, he knows that I am going to get my nights out with the girls and he will be home with the kids... There is no reason why your significant other should give up their social lives because you are pregnant....I understand it is frustrating because we are the ones that are pregnant and can't do anything right now, but i can tell you if the roles were reversed and my hubby was the pregnant one, I wouldn't stay home all the time because he couldn't go out. Maybe its just the type of relationship we have.


crystal74 - February 9

bullsheeeeeeet, that's your opinion but i would totally support my husband 100% if he was the pregnant one. why rub that in his face, hey i can party but you can't. that's just disrespectful in my opinion and we both wanted the baby, therefor we both have to make sacrifices, not just one of us. it may sound like i'm coming off mean, don't take it that way, i'm so not. i just disagree is all. but tammy you sound like an awsome wife. i bet all men wish they had a pregnant wife with your att_tude. i know mine does. but i'm a tough cookie


Tammy276 - February 10

I guess maybe it doesn't bother me so much because my husband is a Police Officer so he doesn't like going out and getting plastered....granted he will go out once in a while, but I don't worry about him, and I trust him and know that after this baby is born, I will get my time out with my girls......Every couple needs time apart from each other, pregnant or right now, I spend my time either shopping or out to dinner with the girls, and he spends his time with the guys at basketball games.... I don't feel the need to go out and drink just because he may be, so I guess I just don't see whats wrong if they want to go out with their buddies once in a while...Like I said, if it was all the time, it would be different, but men need their time with there buddies just as us girls need our time with our girls.


crystal74 - February 10

i understand the whole needing time apart tammy. but my hubby and i see each other for maybe 2-3 hours a day. so we really miss each other. my work hours are 8-5 and his are usually 11-8, then being a car salesman he's usually in a car deal by 8 and that keeps him at work for another hour. so by the time he gets home around 9, i'm ready to go to bed cuz i got up so early. and i try not to wake him in the morning when i'm getting ready. then i have weekends off and he works all day saturday, then has sunday and monday off. so our only day together is sunday. so i guess it just depends on your relationship and everyone's is different.


mary b - February 11

Men have no idea what it is like, and sometimes it seems they don't care...anger never works w/ my husband, but i can always get him w/ sympathy/ I totally understand how u feel...and u have every right to feel that way...


Sonrisa - February 11

I think even some mature adult men have a hard time with what is happening, but you need to tell him how you are feeling. I would tell him before he heads out. Tell him that your feelings and that you need him. They love to hear that they are needed.


Sonrisa - February 11

I do have another comment....It is good for all of us to have occasion time out...but it is clear that this is every night from what she is writing down. That is what is really bothering you and you probably are scared that it will happen once baby is here as well. I know that I am constantly thinking will my husband help me more once the baby is here and actually last night I told him that I will need a lot more help then. Communication is the key if you are not talk to him about how you are feeling. You might say..."When you go out every night with the guys it makes me feel like you are not that excited about the baby. It also makes me think that you might not realize the sacrifices that I am making every day and how scared I am feeling."


xoxticiaxox - February 11

Thank you sonrisa, I will try that!



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