Cant Sleep At Night

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orie - April 30

I am 36 weeks and am having so much trouble sleeping at night! At night when i have to use the bathroom it takes me like 5 minutes to get up because i have so much back pain and pain in my inner thighs....i also feel so much weight on the top of my stpmach as if some one set a bowling ball on me! i also have so much trouble turning sides and walking to the rest room because im in so much pain! Does anyone else experience this? Thanks! To all may mothers...We're almost there! Hang in there ladies! good luck!


mommietobe - April 30

Hi Orie, I started having trouble with this at 22 wks. I'm 28 wks now. My Dr. said it was pubic symphisis displacement. Well, I didn't follow advise bent down to pick up my toddler and almost pa__sed out.My dh and I were at the Dr. two days ago and he said I've dislocated my pelvis. The pain is unreal. They have me on painkillers at night to sleep and bedrest during the day. I'm going for an amnio at 36 wks and if the babies lungs are mature they are going to go ahead and do a cs. He said it will take 8 wks or longer to heal after I have the baby. I've broken both arms at one time , had a cs with my first pg and this pain b__ws them both out of the water. I'm not saying your case is as severe as mine, Dr. said it's rare but does happen, but I do know how you feel. Try sleeping with a warm towel on your back or use a heating pad before bed, ma__sage helps. Hang in there girl your almost to the end, let me know how your doing.


1Sttimemomy - April 30

orie i am 22wks and have similar problems the doctor told me from the beging of my pregnancy that it is ok to take tylenol pm . he said it will not hurt the baby i take two at 9:30 and when i wake up at 2:30 i take two more it helps me sleep through the pain good luck you are almost done i wish i was 36 wks i hate being pregnant .hope you have a happy healthy labor and baby good luck


Tye - April 30

Orie-I'm 37 weeks 2days and can relate. I tend to sleep propped up on all sides with pillows .Under my arms,legs,,and head. but it is getting worse and worse where when I have to get up at night it takes sooo much stength to lift my own body weight up that it wakes me up too alert where I can't get back to sleep. Not to mention the ever increseing need to go to the bathroom every five minutes!!! Hang in there,I feel your pain but we're almost there!


angelbebe - April 30

Yes, trouble sleeping here too. Mostly pain around my sciatic nerve on outside of both thighs. I have to change sides sleeping like every hour it feels. The pain is shooting! Yes, and then getting up to pee is a pain. I guess it's getting us ready for sleepless nights with baby, huh? I am not taking anything for sleep...just using pillows and sleeping as much as I can. I am 36 weeks too and is it just me or is time slowing down??!!


3babies - April 30

Oh, I can so relate. This is my third pregnancy and I have had symphisis pubis and SIJ probs with them all. I am 27 weeks now and it has just started getting worse. I can turn in bed without my pubic bone cracking, so I know it has separated. If I manage to get a bit of sleep from that the terrible heartburn wakes me up. Worst of all is having been through this twice before, I know it wont get much better til the end. Orie, I did get some relief with my first from sleeping with an SIJ belt on (very tight and low on the hips to hold everything together). Last pregnancy I couldnt wear it because my uterus was so irritable it would set off braxton hicks!



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