Cant Take It Anymore

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mare - November 7

i cant take being pregnant anymore, i feel so sick and miserable, everything is depressing me and im emotional, would the doctors do an inductin if they were begged??? im 36 weeks


Maggie - November 7

Sorry mare, but no doctor would induce a premature baby, and at 36 weeks that is still considered premature. Just know that you are not alone and this is how most women feel towards the end. I'm 26 weeks with my second, but I vividly remember feeling that way with my son. I'm even starting to get a touch of that now, so I'm afraid it will be really bad this time. Try to keep telling yourself that you made it through 36 weeks of this, and that its almost over. You are now in the "final four"! Stay strong, you're almost there.


Gina - November 9

Hey Mare, I am with you...I am so miserable. I have been begging for a month already. They agreed to induce at 39 weeks. So, instead of 7 to go, I have 6 weeks to go. AND the baby is measuring big so I will go for an ultrasound today. I hope I can even go sooner! I am a teacher in an inner city high school and everyday is such a struggle. I cant take it anymore on top of the horrid heartburn, heart attack chest pains, sciatic nerves, vulva and leg vericose veins,and the list goes on and on and on. I just wanna die. It is like I am not even excited about her coming, I just want her out so I can feel better.....


Dior - November 9

I know how you feel! I have 6 weeks to go and I am just counting every minute. I feel so c___ppy and I especially feel self conscious about how my body looks and how much weight I have gained ( 30 lbs ). It seems like everyday gets a little harder to move and there is some kind of new worry.


mare - November 9

yeah it pretty bad, ive gained like 60 pounds...ahhhhh..and everyone tells me and asks me how if the doc put me on a diet and how in there time they would only let u gain 20 pounds, im like i dont care~ i have a month to go, from yesterday...


Tati - November 9

I am with you.I am 33 week pregnant. I have six weeks and four days to go. Thats 46 days. I marked my calender by month, week and days. Be strong dont induce let it be natural. That is the best way. Let your baby stay inside untill it is really to come to this world. I know it gets harder EVERY DAY. But you are almost there and it will make you feel better you waited until the baby was ready. God Bless you.


Jane - November 9

I also know just how you feel. I am a little over 36 weeks too and have been having the same feelings - and feeling very guilty for it. The best you can do is to try and keep busy with non-baby activities to keep your mind off it and your discomfort. Hard to do I know but if you stay busy the days will go by faster.


lisa - November 10

i know how you feel, i went 11 days over before they would induce me, it drove me mad, just keep commming here and talking to people, it helped me,


Enjoy - November 10

Everyone gets that way. Tough it out and wait on the baby. It's pregnancy, not a ma__sage. You're right at the end, you can do it. This is cake compared to labor and the first six weeks at home with a newborn. Use this little bit of time left to do things you enjoy that will be difficult to impossible to do later. You will make it.



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