Cant Wait Any Longer

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orie - May 5

Im 37 weeks pregnant and i dont know how much longer i can hold out! im going crazy! everytime i feel the baby move im like i want him to be here so bad already! Even though some people tell me "dont forget once he comes out you cant put him back in!" My body is so tired and my feet get so swollen! Im even tired of eating! lol Then looking at the baby stuff that i have all over the place doesnt help much! Im going nuts! : )


San - May 5

Lol, I hear ya although I'm 4 weeks behind you. This is my second, my daughter just turned 17 mths and the back/round ligament pain I've been having the past month is darn near killing me. I tell ya, once the baby comes (I found for myself anyways) it was way better than being big and uncomfortable. Hang in there, you're so close!!


mayaB - May 5

I"m in the same boat Orie!!!!! I'm 38 weeks along and I want my boy out NOW!!! I'm so impatient :) my belly has grown so much it cant grow much more. good luck!!


Ba8y6irl - May 5

I totally hear ya Orie! I am 37 and 4 days and I am soooo ready! My baby shower is Sunday and my last week of work is next week... just have to get through that and I'll be there!!! My feet are huge and they bug me :(


krista-lee - May 5

im also 37 weeks today (due May 26th) and every little pain i get i pray to god its labor! i just want him or her out! at first i loved the feeling of being kicked but not its just painful! COME OUT BABY!


Tye - May 5

I know how you feel-I'm 38 weeks today and saw my doctor yesterday. Every time I see her I keep hopeing she'll check down there or that there will be some sign of things going somewhere. Every time I go in though- I keep getting rea__sured that nothing has changed and that I will probebly even go past my due date. I am so ready too! I feel like every time I go in weeks get added. My body is getting sooo heavy and uncomfortable-It's hard to imagine going past my due date at this point!



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