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pebblesnbambam - March 8

I have an infant car seat from when my son was young (3 years ago) but am thinking of investing in a new one. Anyone have recommendations on what has worked for them... The reviews are not very good right now due to the discrepency in the speed they were traveling during the crash tests.. so I don't know what is best safety wise and also user friendly. Thanks ladies!


aliciavr6 - March 8

I've just been reading the reviews on and Getting baby trend flex lock


Tammy276 - March 8

we bought the graco snugride.


DownbutnotOUT - March 8

Graco travel system it has been through hell and highwater and finally needs 1 replacement part after 5 years.


Taylors mama - March 8

Hey! I did a lot of reading about strollers and car seats before I purchased the Graco Quattro Travel System...most of them come with the Graco Snugride carseat which seems to be one of few car seats that there isn't a ton of controversy over...I forget where i saw it, but I did see somewhere that it was a good carseat to have! (sorry I can't direct u to the may have been the Graco website though...can't remember) The great thing about the Graco Quattro Travel System is that there are so many different styles, colors, etc!!! Good luck in your search for the right one! I would definitely recommend getting a new one for sure, even if it was only three years ago, you can never be too sure!!!


candaceann1 - March 8

I got the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio car seat and stroller.


HEATHER - March 8

I love my britax marathon, dont buy the decathelon the strap is a PITA to pull, the boulivard is too big and the roundabout isnt worth it. although I didnt start using it till my dd was about 6 months old, before that I had a greco from the travel system. BTW carseats are only good for 5 years, I dont know if you know that or not.


kerryv - March 8

graco snugride


Cevvin - March 8

graco snugride


Cevvin - March 8

and you shouldn't reuse a carseat anyway. They are built for the stress of one baby not more. Same if you get in a wreck, replace the carseat. Doubt me? get an x-ray of a carseat that has been in a wreck and see all the stress marks. This could be the difference of your babies life.


nanders - March 9

Hi consumer reports did a crash test rating in january / february look it up on their website as the results were pretty bad, only a few seats pa__sed. Be sure to get one that did. I bought the Graco quattro travel system with the snugride seat with special foam (sorry don't know what foam is called) It pa__sed. I think the evenflo one failed the worst it actually was ejected from the vehicle! Better safe than sorry! be careful some of the graco quattro tour systems use the safeseat instead of the snugride, it didn't do as well! Hope this helps!


wailing - March 9

Read same thing about the Graco Snugride. The Conumer Report that only pa__sed 3 carseats voted it in the top. There is controversey about the speeds b/c the test was at a higher speed then 30 mph, what they usually test, but I think if it pa__sed at a higher speed even better... You can also look on the Babycenter website to check out all baby product recalls


danimarie - March 9

Graco Snugride.....I have friends who really like them a lot. And they have really good ratings. You can also get a lot of different colors/styles! That's my vote.


DDT - March 9

Graco travel system


Carly67 - March 12

The Consumer Reports Test was flawed so be very careful. I am getting a Chicco stroller car seat travel system and they are a top pick of parents. They were in the Consumer Reports test ans not pa__sing when used with the car base but okay when used with the seatbelt but then the evidence came out the research was flawed.



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