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~S~ - July 28

Some of your favourite names that you've picked out for your baby, be it a boy or girl?!?!? BOY = Mateo Alexander. GIRL = Makaela Amaris.


Kristin - July 28

I am naming my little boy Jackson Cole!!!!


Danielle - July 28

I am going to name my little girl Kamrie Michelle. If she would have been a boy we choose Adden Michael - July 28

Trena Maree, Trenton Albert, Christian Sterling and Kalie Rose -- By the way i was not thrilled about Albert but that was his dad's middle name so .......


Dawn - July 28

we have decided that since it's a boy to name him Nathaniel. If it was a girl her name would have been Izabella Leemore. i love that name it simply means Gods gift of love, even the nickname Bella means beautiful.


miranda - July 28

Lydia Rose or Noah Matthew.


Jen A - July 29

We have decided on Stephanie, but I think I like the name Brooklyn too, I don't thinks my husband will go for it though cause he really likes Stephanie, I already tried to convince him to name her Sadie because I love that name!!


Rachael - July 29

We are naming our little boy Lucas John


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - July 29

Our son will be Mason James (James is my husbands middle name). If it was a girl it was gonna be either Morgan Lynn or Mandy Lynn (Lynn is my middle name). We have a tradition in my husbands family to name the children "M" names because our last name starts with an "M". We are the last one to have children so we are getting last pick. There are seven grandchildren ahead of this one.


~S~ - July 29

My names that I have choosen, Mateo means "Gift from God" and Amaris (girls middle name) means "God's promise"


Jamie - July 29

Serenity Yvonne, and Aidan Cael...but, of course, we know that this one's a girl, so next one will be Aidan.


Lindsay - July 29

Our little boy will be Jacob Adam or Adam James. If he would have been a girl it would have been Caitlyn Marie or Kaylin Marie.


Andrea - July 29

We are naming our daughter Taylor Elizabeth. Our boy name was Warner Preston. I already have two daughters: Savannah Lynn and Alexis (Lexi) Grace.


ChrissyR - July 30

We are having a boy! Luke Joseph will be his name. Very biblical right? My husband Joseph and I just really like the name Luke... it means bringer of light and St. Luke is patron saint of doctors. My 3 yr old daughter (Melissa Nicole) calls the baby Luke Duke... she's been watching too much Dukes of Hazard with Daddy on CMT. :)


Tiffany - July 30

We are naming our daughter Natalee Faith and if was a boy he would be Wesley Allen Jr.


Kimberly - July 31

We are naming our little boy Nicholas Aiden.


Ash - August 1

Our boy will be Ashton Andrew. I'm glad it is a boy(so we're told) because we agreed on a name pretty easily. We were never going to agree on a girl name.



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