Carnival Ride Do You Think I M Ok

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anamariaflorencia - July 19

Oops! I had a lapse in judgement and got on a carnival ride yesterday. One that spins around while the flying car goes up and down. It didn't have a warning for pregnancy like some of the other ones did...but still it had sudden changes in air pressure. Anyway, I'm 36 weeks pregnant. After the ride was over I almost threw up (I gagged several times but nothing came up) and baby was moving like crazy for the rest of the night. At first I thought that was a good thing cause I knew she was still alive...but then I started to worry cause she was making my belly contort in all kinds of ways. Anyway, do you think I could have caused her any harm? I looked up shaken baby syndrome and read that it can't happen in the womb because they're so protected in there. Other than that, I'm not leaking any fluid or having contractions or anything. Any way, if you have any knowledgeable advice or opinions, I'd love to hear them...but not criticisms. I know I shouldn't have gotten on the ride and I was already scolded by dh.


ashley_1991 - July 19

The main concern with women going on ride like that while they are pregnant is that with all the twists and turns your baby is moving so fast and in so many directions and with you being so far along your baby is pretty heavy, they are worried that the child will force the placenta to seperate from the uterus.. this causing premature births and stillborns. I am only in my second trimester but I know this because i wanted to go to Canada's Wonderland (a theme park) and my dr told me i could cuz my baby wasnt heavy enough to do all that stuff but that she didnt reccomend i go on any rides. I hope this helps .. goodluck on the birth of you baby!


anamariaflorencia - July 19

Thanks Ashley. So if I caused the placenta to separate (which I don't think I did...unless it's something you can't feel) I wonder if my baby would be ok since she's pretty far along. Would a separated placenta trigger my body to go into labor in order to save the baby?


ashley_1991 - July 20

yes if your baby seperated the placenta you would be thrown into labour very soon after the ride ended. you actually have more of a risk since you are indeed further along, your baby is pretty heavy, but if you are just feeling a littlewoozy and no serious pain id say your good and just to avoid any rides until after the birth of your baby =) goodluck, im glad i could help ! oh and your baby is far along enough that if you had it early i belive it would be ok... i dont think it would trigger it so save the baby, but once the placebts seperates i know you do go intpo labour.. but you sound fine to me =)


ejmeskan - July 20

Oh I think you are just fine. You would know by now if you had any serious complications. What Ashley is saying is certainly true for what can happen but you would experience that pretty immediate. If I were in your situation (and believe I would have had a lapse in judgement like that too--it's easy to forget sometimes!) I would probably call the doc and have them check it out to be sure. More than likely they will just do an ultrasound and make sure all is well! And as Ashley mentioned- if you did need to deliver soon you would be ok since you are 36 weeks. Worst case scenario they would give you some steroids for the babe's lungs. But I HONESTLY think you are just fine! Good luck!



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