Carry Low Heartbeat 140

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liannem - August 26

Hey i am 32 weeks pregnant, and carrying really low,have done all the way through. I dont know what im having and i know if you carry low people say its a boy. But the heartbeat is over 140,which i heard means a girl lol anyone had the same thing,if so what'd have? thanks


beagle1223 - August 26

I'll be 32 weeks tomorrow. I'm also carrying low and the heartbeat is always above 140 - I'm having a boy!


tori205 - August 26

well...i am told this is old wives tale regarding gender based on heartrate. but in my case, it came first had hr of 168 and it was a girl...with this baby, his hr nvr went above 145 and currently, its 130 at 33 weeks..


denimb__terfly - August 26

Heartbeats vary in both s_xes- a doctor will actually laugh at you if you mention the heartbeat as a sign of a s_x. Both my girl and boys heartbeats varied all the time. This old wides tale came from true information though. Infant girls (once born) do have a higher heart beat than infant boys. However, in utero, there is no comparison. Also, I carried low with my daughter and high with my first son and low with this boy. Sorry, these just aren't ways to tell.


January - August 26

I'm carrying a girl and her heartrate is everywhere from 135-175, with my son his heartrate was high as well. I don't think you can really go by that.


claire83 - August 26

the way you carry is due to your muscle tone etc and also you can drop towards the end of the pregnancy also i spoke to my midwife about the heartbeat and they are different but only in labour she said girls goes faster, when you have your babies heartbeat monitored did you know if they are moving it speeds up also


emfine99 - August 26

I'm carrying low, heartbeat 140-150 and it's a girl. My cousin is carrying somewhat in the middle and having a boy. I guessed right for both of us. I think that when it looks like a basketball and it's a little higher then it's a boy, the shape really gives it away. At least everyone I know that looks like they have a basketball in their belly is having a boy! Mine looks more like a watermelon! It could be a bunch of old wives tales, but all of the tests and quizzes I took were right. Your best bet is an ultrasound and hope the baby cooperates! :-)



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