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mrose - November 1

We were thinking about getting one of the travel systems, with the infant car seat and the stroller, however, my mother is buying the car seat, and she offered the idea of getting a car seat that will grow with the baby. Only, I have no idea which car seat to get! I see there are alot that are for 5lb-100lb goes from a rear facing all the way to a booster seat. I was wondering if any of you ladies had one you would recommend that is safe, comfortable and isn't too bulky?


Mommy2Be - November 1

My only suggestion is to be careful with the 5-100lb ones. We have one for my son, but used an infant carrier until he out grew that. I have heard that a lot of babies don't fit properly in them as newborns, not all, but a lot. The straps need to be at a certain height on the babies shoulders for it to be safe and if the baby is too small they don't fit properly.


Happymommy - November 1

I really like the Britax. It's a little spendier but it is a really good car seat. There are different types--the Roundabout is for rear facing and forward facing and goes until your lo needs a booster seat. The Marathon goes all of the way from infant seat to booster seat. I think there are more types but these are the ones I know best. GL


DaBonkElsMe - November 1

There are good reason to go with either one. With the carseats that grow with baby, you cannot remove them to carry your infant around in. So if he/she falls asleep in the seat, you have to lift him out and chance waking him up. With the infant carseats that only go up to 30lbs, you can take out the whole seat. For me that was a good choice. But the down side is, once the baby reaches 30lbs, you have to get a new carseat. I got the Britax too, it got some really good safety and consumer ratings!


tish212 - November 1

I left the carseat thing up to dh he did tons of research and ended up getting the babytrend expedition travel system. it is a jogging stroller...but the tires are made for any terrain and the carseat has a high crash isn't one that grows with the baby...but it is made to fit even small infants and I feel better with that..and knowing the stroller can go anywhere...he explained the shocks on baby doesn't get bumped around..and the breaks so u can lock it in place.... it a nice looking system and we got it from babies r us..about $220 for the whole system....I know its not what u asked about but it is a nice system...we got ours in red and silver so its not gender specific...


Jilloh - November 9

I bought the Graco Snugride for my DS and used it exculsively from April-November and then I bought a Britax Marathon. I used the graco for a short time afterwords until he was too long for it but by then I was used to the Britax. My opinion is to get both a travel system with the carseat and then a bigger model that can be used rear facing with a higher weight limit. You know you're gonna need the bigger seat eventually anyway.



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