Carseat Question

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Lan - October 21

I'm 30 weeks pregnant right now and we are due December 25. I was wondering if anyone due in December knows what they are going to do about a snowsuit for the baby. I live in the midwest and it gets very cold here, but I was wondering if we should just get a carseat cover and cover baby with blankets or should we just buy a snowsuit(bunting) for him? Just wondering if anyone has any advice!! Thanks!


kr - October 21

It might seem silly, but I have seen carseats that don't look like they would accomodate snow suits. I woud watch not only the carseat, but also be sure that the baby isn't in a sack suit since the carseat strap needs to go between the legs.


Jaci - October 22

I pretty much live in Antarctica...(Minnesota) and it get's pretty cold here....(ex. -50 F at times during the winter) and my husband and I bought a snowsuit at Old Navy and we are going to get a car seat cover (one that has elastic and goes over the outside like a little tent). Everyone around here does that.


Lan - October 22

We're in North Dakota so we definitely know what you mean about cold weather! I just wasn't sure what size to get because I don't want to have to buy 2 of them because winter sometimes lasts into April here! Thanks again!


Jaci - October 22

Yeah, ND is just as bad. What part of ND are you in? We're on the ND / MN border. We're up north...East Grand Forks.


Jessie V - October 22

I'm due Dec. 9 and it gets cold where I live too. I got a bunting bag, which is like a slepping bag. It has holes to fit the harness of the car seat through. It also zips so I don't have to wake him up to get him out of it. They had alot at some were heaver then others.


JL - October 24

I live in Chicago and had my first baby in November 2002, and now am expecting #2 in November 2005. With the first baby, we got a great gift called the JJ Cole "Bundle Me." You can see it on Amazon.Com. I don think the long convoluted link will work here, so just do a search for it on Amazon. We used that for my daughter through the cold Chicago winter, but we also had a snowsuit for her. Maybe it was overkill to have both the snowsuit and the Bundle Me, but that it what we did. Now I am expecting a boy, and we got a thinner blue snowsuit as a hand-me-down from a friend. I plan to use that with the Bundle Me.



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