Castor Oil

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Alissa - October 13

What does everyone think of castor oil


Rebecca - October 14

Hi Alissa. My sister in law took castor oil to 'clean herself out' as she was going to be induced. But she took too much 9 not sure exactly how much she took) and it gave her terriblt diarrhoea and vomiting for hours! But, it did bring her labour on without having to be induced after all!!! I am 29 weeks with my first baby and I'm not sure whether I would do the same thing when my due date comes! Can it harm the baby?


Alissa - October 14

Hi Rebecca you know i have heard so much from each side of the story i cant tell you weather or not it will harm the baby or not. My doctor told me to do it if i want to go into labor faster so if the doc said i dont think it will hurt him to much i do know however that it might make the person taking it quite uncomfortable for a while. I would not take it though until you are about 37 or 38 weeks. I might take it tonight so i will let you know how it goes if i decide to do it.


kimj - October 14

if you decide to do it mx it with 5 eggs. it will help with the poops......


Brandie - October 14

Girls that sounds like the craziest thing ever. But you all have me temped to try it. I don't want to wait till exactly 9 months. I'm afraid of having an 8 lb baby. My first was 6.11 and as healthy as they come. My body would not be able to handle having a big baby naturally, so I would like to have her a couple weeks early, how do you do it, and when?


Sarah - October 14

from what i've heard from my prenatal cla__s, it's a bad idea. it could get labour started - IF you're actually ready to go into labour (ie. if the baby's not ready to come out, castor oil won't do anything). what it will definately give you is some serious scoots, which will dehydrate you and make you feel awful. and keep this scenario in mind: you take castor oil, it gives you the runs, you actually do end up going into labour, (which generally causes the runs anyways) so now you're spending double time on the toilet, and you end up in the hospital, on the delivery bed - still with the runs. blech!



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