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sbyrd - January 28

A few days before I will be induced I am planning on taking castor oil to help speed up the process. I have heard both good and bad things about this. If you have any info about the pros and cons of using it, please share!! Thankyou!


Tammy276 - January 28

It may work and it may not work....If anything, you are just taking a chance and no matter what, you will be sick...plan on having the poops and possible puking for at least a is supposed the irritation to your stomach is supposed to help stimulate contractions as your stomach rubs up against your uterus, but it is not guarenteed..there are many woman who just get sick from it and never have one single contraction.


Tammy276 - January 28

oh, and also the sudden onset and intensity of it can cause the baby stress and cause them to have a bowel movement in utero, which is not good. I would say if you are being induced anyway, just leave it at that. If you are mean to go into labor before then, you will.


BusyBee - January 28

I don't know for sure, but this is my personal theory on why castor oil sometimes works..........Pregnant woman puts something that is basically poisonous into her body; the body says, "What the heck is this? We better get this baby out of this environment!" Body proceeds to go into labour. Personally, I don't feel good about "shocking" my body or baby into labour.


BklynMama - January 28

Well i took castor oil with my 1st pregnancy & went into labor the same night. i didnt get diarrea or any vomiting. but it didnt work for my cousin who DID get diarrea, so i say try it.


jldaniels - January 29

sbyrd, I took Castor Oil last Friday night. Needless to say it did not work. I took 2 ounces at about 6:30 pm. Had a BM at 9:30. Started having contractions that were getting stronger and stronger for over an hour. Went to bed and they went away. I'm thinking I should have stayed up and that the sleep made them go away. Who knows? The poops were not as bad as I thought they would be from what I read. The taste though....... that is another story. Its indescribable. I started taking it by itself and realized it is so thick it is almost impossible to swallow so I mixed with orange juice and it went done fine. However, keep coke or something with flavor (not water) around for when you start burping or thats all you will taste. I know that bottle sayd tasteless but you WILL taste it when you burp.


sbyrd - January 29

Thank ya'll for your help!


Lady_tee - January 29

Castor Oil didn't work for me. In fact when my water broke my baby's bowels had move inside of me and I say it is from the castor oil. All it did for me was make my bowels move. I know its to much information sorry.


ash2 - January 29

unless you want to be c___pping all over the table , i wouldnt suggest it....


mommyagain - January 29

sbyrd - when will you be induced, and have you tried the castrol oil


sbyrd - January 30

I will be induced on the 16th, which is 39 wks. I just wanted to try it and maybe avoid getting pitocin. I havent had it before, so Im not sure if it will work or not.


jldaniels - January 30

sbyrd, It does work for some people. When I bought it last Friday the pharmicist at the drug store told me that she took it at 8pm, went to the hospital at 12 midnight and had her baby at 2 am with no problems. She said to take it on an empty stomach. It cuts down on the cramping and goes straight through you. I had no cramping and the diarrhea didn't hurt it was just not pleasant. Of course, I had no baby. I also met a lady yesterday who said it worked for her. I think your body has to be ready though and I doubt your doc. would be talking about induction if your body were not ready. Please keep in mind that I don't know anything about the bowel movements from baby. The pharmicist said it was harmless to take and does not effect the baby at all but I've heard a lot of women who have said otherwise from experience.


HEATHER - January 31

have some crazy s_x instead. make sure you have an orgasm that will do wonders!!!


MamaStacy - February 13

it worked for me, half an hour labour


sbyrd - February 14

Yeah so I tried it on Monday....nothing happened at all! I took about 2 ounces. But I am dialated to 1 so the Dr. is going to induce on the 19th. Thanks for all your help!!!


Faye84 - February 14

it only works when you are ready to go into labor.... Other than that if you like to poop and have a killer stomach ache drink up! Its also not good for the baby.


Faye84 - February 14

sbyrd ~~ good luck, have a safe and healthy pregnancy :)



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