Castor Oil

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mommyagain - January 21

I am considering the castor oil thing today, does anyone have a negative before I try it ?


Gena - January 21

I've heard a lot of people say all it did was give them diarrhea. How far along are you?


juju - January 21

my MIL did it and had my SIL , she drank OJ with it, it seemed to work


KMo311 - January 21

i have read a few stories about that not being so good. It gives you diarrhea and thats how it gets your whole system worked up and start contractions. I also heard someone say it can give baby bowel movement too and that is very bad. I would do alittle more research before doing that.


disneymommy79 - January 21

I tried it about 2 weeks ago when I was 25% thinned and 2 cms dilated. It gave me bad diarrhea and some contractions and cramps. But I'm still here, It didn't even dilate me any more after. I was thinking of trying it again but it's so gross. I'm now over 39 weeks. so maybe it will be different if your closer to your due date or more dilated. My midwife told me to try it when I did but no luck. I would talk to your midwife and ask if they think it would work and how far in the labor progress you are or you might just make yourself sick :\


mommyagain - January 21

Thanks for all the input. I am 37 wks and did try it today. I am still feeling the effects but I am afraid no true labor. I couldn't stomach the whole dose, got sick in the middle of trying to drink it. I am actually talking to my dr. about inducing me due to insurance issues like the 28 of this month, don't really thing he'll go for it but it is worth a try.


tritty - January 21

it seems to me that if all it does is give you diarrhea why don't you just do an enema? i know you've already tried it but the goal is to clear out your bowels.... they both do the same thing and as unpleasant as an enema may be atleast you don't have to drink nasty stuff and make yourself sick!


Jadejewels - January 21

KMow couple of people who have tried it and nothing. try a lot of walking and s_x that worked for me twice. good luck!!


BriannasMummy - January 22

My mom tried it with all of her children (except me) and it worked like a charm. My sister who is now 41weeks and 1 day pregnant has tried it twice.. it gave her some pretty crazy contractions and made her have a little diahrea.. it didnt exactly work for her though. I know lots of people it worked for.. and lots of people it didnt work for (including me). ~Kristin~



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