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jenbabe - February 21

does everyone have to have a catheter in labor? does it hurt? i really dont want this damn thing.. lol


Gena - February 21

If you get an epidural you have to. They dont' put it in until after the epidural and you dont' feel anything. Believe me, I was scared to death about it. But after having to beg a nurse to come unhook your IV's and take you to the bathroom after she unhooks your monitors and you have to pause for your contractions, you'll be grateful for the catheter, I promise. Good luck to you :)


Mommy1 - February 21

As far as I know they don't have to (but I'm not sure the reason why they do it). I was in the delivery room with both my sisters who had the epi and neither of them had a catheter put in. My cousin had a baby a month ago and they put one on I don't know?? I sure hope I won't have to get one!!


beth1975 - February 21

You don't even feel it with and epi. You can't feel your bladder when you are numb I'm sure that's wht they give you one.


HEATHER - February 21

haha, I dont remember if I had one put in. I really dont think I did, at least not the one that they leave in you. As im thinking about it they might have just drained my blatter, but I really cant remember, Ill have to ask dh.


Cevvin - February 22

i had a kidney problem when i was younger, it doesn't hurt anyway. uncomfortable, but it doesn't hurt.


DownbutnotOUT - February 22

when I was in labour they didnt give me a catheter but I was doing it "el naturel" though with my csections I know how it feels like. Its uncomfortable and irritiating but it should not be painful at all.


Tammy276 - February 23

As long as you don't have the epidural, you shouldn't need one because you will be able to get up and use the bathroom yourself. If you have the epi, chances are you will need it. When I had my son, I had the epidural and they didn't insert teh catheter until after I had him........they basically just drained my bladder and that was it. and I didn't feel a thing.


tinkri - February 23

I did not have an epi with my first 2 and therefore no catheter. With my third (6 weeks ago) I did have the epi and they used a catheter once to drain my bladder, but it did not stay inside me and I did not feel a thing because of the epi. Please try not to worry about it.



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