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jwhite - June 21

Ok I have two cats, which are spoiled rotten. They have been the babies for at least 5 years. I am a little worried about bringing home a new baby to them. we are going to keep her in our room the first 3 monthes at least in a bassinet and I am hoping my cats don't try to jump up in it while we are all sleeping. One cat sleeps with us every night the other who knows what he does. He sleeps with me sometimes. What should I look out for and what precautions should I know about before bringing her home?


DWilson924 - June 21

jwhite - I am having the same problem. I have 2 cats, E-X who is 6, and Holstein, who is 2. E-X is a very spoiled cat who loves attention and Holstein is a very jumpy. Well the past month we have had the baby's crib all set up and found cat fur on it. So we went ahead and drapped a fitted queen size sheet over it thinking that would stop the cats. Well it didn't. Actually it stopped E-X but not Holstein. She kept jumping in it. So finally we went and bought some clamps to hold the sheet tight and that has seemed to stop her. But my fear is that once we remove the sheet she will be right back in there. But when we remove the sheet, it will be to put the baby in there. So that means she will be jumping in there with him. The only information I have found is how to bring the baby home. What I read was have someone bring home a blanket the baby has been sleeping on while at the hospital so the cats can become familiar with his scent. Then the day you bring the baby home, have someone else, like daddy, carry in the baby so you can pay attention to the cats. I also read that you cannot panic when the cats try jumping up on your lap if you are holding the baby. You need to let them smell him or her and get used to things. And also try to keep the cats routine the same as much as possible. For example if you feed them everyday at 5:30 in the morning and at night, then stick to that time and don't change it. As for them jumping in the crib, a friend of mine has suggested closing the nursery door so the cats cannot get in and also because if there was ever a fire or carbon monoxide leak in your house, it will affect the baby quicker then it would you. So if the door is closed to the baby's room, then he/she will have fresh air longer. Good luck to you and if you find any thing helpful please definitly post it. As I said I am in the same situtation as you and hate to have anything happen to the baby or the cats.


Rebekah B - June 21

Jwhite: we have decided to keep our cats on the first floor unless we can supervise, but we will keep the door shut to our room (when the cat’s are allowed upstairs) so that the cats don't get onto anything that baby sleeps on. We don't want them to think it is okay ever to be in baby’s crib/ba__sinet. It is hard I know. Our cats have slept with us every night. You have to make a lot of sacrifices...the cats can make a few too. My sister never let the cat in her bedroom for the 1st few months. Just keep the door shut.


jwhite - June 21

Well my cat will scratch at our bedroom door until we open it to let him in. so we can't actually do that, rebekah. what's another option.


lindsay - June 21

hi, i have 3 cats and was really only having a problem with our newest addition, gary. (he is only a year old, so he wasn't here for my son's birth 4 years ago. ) i could not keep that cat out of anything, so i took someone else's advice from a similar question on another thread...double sided sticky tape! it worked great! up until right before i was induced and had removed it from everything and found some new hair. but since baby has been home, the cat hasn't bothered anything... he sniffs around at my dd , but seems to "get it" now... he's like, oh , that's your little kitties might just suprise you... once they meet the new little one and see you still love them and that their routine doesn't change, they'll just walk around like nothing's changed... good luck!


Rebekah B - June 21

J: I use softpaws on my cats. It won't keep them from scratching, but it will protect the door and make the sound quieter. Can you put the cats in another part of the house? Maybe do some trials before baby gets here. Maybe the vet’s office has some info. They will be fine with the door shut while you are not in the room I am sure. At night, you may just have to put some sort of padding on the door until they get the point. I have heard good things about the tape as Lindsay suggested. They don’t like how it feels on the paws. I would do it now though b/c it will be hard enough to get sleep when baby is here much less the scratching, Maybe a special room with toys and treats before they are put away for the night? I know they are your babies. I promise I feel the same about ours, but it’s just too risky to let them sleep in the same room with baby. My cat loves to lie on our chest while we sleep. He's 16lbs...Can you imagine if he did that to Baby? I'll see what I can find on the web for suggestions. Lindsay: why did you have to remove the tape?


everthiki - June 21

We have shut the door to the baby's room so our cat will not go in. She also loves the crib and every part of the baby room...she is fascinated. It is quite funny seeing her smell everything and try and get onto everything....not so funny when the baby gets here though. So the door is shut now and will be later on too. The only problem we'll have is trying to keep her out of our bedroom. It is difficult to know what any pet will be like with a newborn...I am mostly worried about the cat hair.


DeeJay - June 22

I have 3 cats and I am not to worried about them, but here are some suggestions that may help. You can buy at most pet stores a scat mat. Before the baby comes home you put this mat anywhere you don't want the cat to go. If they jump on it it will either may a noise or some have a small electrical charge.(it doesn;t hurt, it feels like static electricity) but it scares them and they jump down. The double sided tape is a good idea too. Or if you catch them where you don't want them a sqirt bottle works well! I also make sure that they have their own special spot too, with their bed and toys and cat nip. As for cat fur, I have 3 long hair angoras, any ideas?!!!! :)


Mingill - June 22

I've got similar concerns. My Guen loves to sleep in our room and on our bed, but she's 12 and pretty independent, she also hates change and new people. So I'm hoping she'll be fine with baby, but we're putting baby in a crib, which will be too high for my cat to jump in. As for cat hair, all I can suggest is daily brushings and vacuuming.


tryingx3 - June 22

When my husband & I married, he wasn't into cats sleeping with us (specifically jumping on his head in the night!). So...we started putting her to "bed" in a separate room that had her food and litter box. We discovered to liked to pull up the carpet at the door with her teeth, so I had to put that clear plastic carpet protector down and that helped a lot. night she sits at the bottom of the stairs and waits to "go to bed". We also give her kitty treats when we take her up. Our dilemma is that her "room" will become the baby room and she will have to move!


Rebekah B - June 22

I googled "Cats and newborn babies" and pulled up some good sites. Here are a few, but you may want to google for yourself.


Rebekah B - June 22

FYI There are 3 sites above. It looks like one long site though


lindsay - June 22

Rebekah B- i didn't really "have" to remove the tape when i did, i was just tired of it being in everything, lol, and i took it out a couple of days before i went in to be induced. also, i did it to see if the kitty had learned his lesson... but i haven't caught him or his fur anywhere since we've come home. also, all my cats sleep in my room and on my bed, but none bother thr baby (basinet next to me.) of course, i don't leave them alone w/ her. jwhite-i do disagree however with keeping doors shut and keeping cats locked out... if yours are anything like mine, they'd just want in more to explore because they weren't allowed!


CamysMama - June 22

We have four cats, can you believe it? Solo of the one eye, Mama Cool, and her brood Jedi and Zoey. They are definitely used to getting all the attention, especially Solo who cannot let my soon-to-be-dh sit down without trying to jump into his lap - that cat loves my man more than I've ever seen a cat love someone! Follows him around the house like a puppy! They used to have the run of the house, but several months ago we started locking them out of the bedroom because they take up all the foot room in the bed. We've also locked them out of the room that will be the baby's room. For a while they scratched at the door like mad to be let in, but every time they woke us up in the middle of the night we'd open the door and squirt them with a spray bottle! So that soon put an end to that. By now they've grown used to not being allowed in the bedrooms, and they still can roam all over the rest of the house. I don't think it will be much of a problem when we bring Camy home from the hospital, except if she's in the big guy's lap and Solo tries to jump up in his lap, too! (Solo is about 16 lbs, so he is no small kitty.) We will definitely continue to keep the cats out of the bedrooms until our little girl is older.



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