Caused By Internal Or Not

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terri - December 29

i have a question for anyone that wishes to reply.. iam due on January 1st with my second child and yesterday I was to my Ob appointment and she did an internal examination and she told me that my cervix is down and thinned out and she wouldnt be surprised if i go into labour within the next couple of days.. this morning when I got up the second time I used the washroom and when I wiped myself (this is kinda gross so sorry if it bothers anyone) there was like a big glab of snotty stuff which i have been losing this stuff for a couple of weeks but no where near this amount and i had to wipe at least three times for it all to cleaned up(sorry again) but this time there was some bloody stringy things in the snotty sorry for being nasty. just wondering what everything thinks about this.. whether or not it was from the internal or things going into motion. nothing was present all day yesterday after the exam just this morning.


Sherry - December 29

Sounds to me like it's your mucous plug that you lost....your ob may be right, you'll likely go into labour fairly soon.


MJM - December 29

Yep mucus plug. After my dr checked me I lost my plug the next morning.


terri - December 29

MJM...are you still pregnant and if so how long ago was it that you lost your plug? and also if your not pregnant anymore how long after losign the plug did you go into labour?


xXx-Lesley-xXx - December 29

Losing your plug means nothing i'm afraid! With my 1st baby I last it 4 weeks before I had him, but with my 2nd I lost it 50 mins before pushing her out (my labour was only 42 mins long from beginning to end), and with my 3rd I was losing it bit by bit for about 3 weeks. If your cervix is thin then you are not gonna be long till you have little one :-) Try eating foods that make your bowels move, they give you stomach tightenings and thats what you need! Good luck :-)



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